Mar 6, 2012
Small issues or quirks if you like.

1) Phone not detecting media randomly after disconnecting from mass storage mode.

2) Predictive text not working after screen unlock, but re-activating the keyboard solves it.

3) Random crackling sound on '5.1' surround mode when listening to music.

4) Probably find more small 'quirks' later on (the pessimist in me speaking after all e problems with android :()

Seems like all these problems are not exactly an error with the software since i've already bought my S2 to the care centre for a reflash and check. A reboot will solve most problems though so it could be an app causing some problems, but I don't think an app should interfere with a phone's basic function. Seems as though the iphone doesn't have most issues android have.

I've just came to the conclusion that android phones will have quirks here and there. It's just the way the phone is. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist i guess but shouldn't a phone be issue free, or at least the 'basic' functions intact. I hope i didn't offend anyone with the iphone comparison or anything. Just ranting a little from my frustration with the endless issues. :eek:

Anybody have issues that could not resolve but just accept it anyway? Need some support from the android community if you guys understand my pain =/
Why worry about the little imperfections. It's just another piece of changing technology; ever had a computer crash or hang on you, a TV remote not do its thing or a SatNav take you down the wrong road? None of them always work to exact specification or how we want but we don't notice or care too much, so why get hung up about a few phone glitches?
I am sure IPhone's have their own issues. But Android probably have a little more. Unfortunately its a trade off for an open system. The chance for fragmentation and incompatibility is higher. After all, so many phone makers are using Android versus one closed system controlled by one company.
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Understand your feelings, but then which phone doesn't have glitches. Or for that matter, any device in this world. There is yet to be any perfect device and thats what makes the game interesting.

I also have a similar bug where the random song doesnt play properly. The next day the same song plays well and some other song will have the problem. Weird but I have to live with it.
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