HI I am new to this forum , and bet this is very popular topic. I have galaxy III
. dropped the phone , got small crack on screen, living in cyprus, and got a price of 190 euro to replace the all lcd unit.
i have seen the diy screen replacment only and wouldnt attempt to do it, but the same time 190 euro is a joke. ( had my phone just for one month)
Any advice?


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
welcome to AF!!!!!!!!!

sorry to hear about your phone. not sure about being in cyprus, but do you have insurance? if not then i'm not sure what you can do other than to either try and fix it yourself, get someone to fix it(there are tons on the net, but i never trust them), or find a replacement.

this is why i will always buy insurance as i can be pretty clumsy with my devices.