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got 2.2, now phone sucks...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rokr, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. rokr

    rokr Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Mytouch 3g was adequate before the update but I was told that mobile hotspot was a feature in the 2.2 update so I converted. Unfortunately now, my phone is incredibly slow, sluggish, crashes, etc since the update. Is there a way to downgrade the firmware back to 1.6? I don't even mind losing the new features since we got screwed on the mobile hotspot thing anyway.


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  2. bump...got the update 3wks now, nothing but unreliable 2.2 software issues. I would like to revert as well to 1.6, at least until they fix all the bugs.
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  3. budney

    budney Newbie

    Factory reset will help relieve your issues. Yes it will erase everything, but your device will thank you for it. :)
  4. nmather21

    nmather21 Lurker

    got the update friday, reset it saturday... and it still sucks!! takes minutes for my photo gallery to load, and it now drains my battery extremely fast. I think tmobile knows it sucked too, because i cant get a hold of anyone to ask about reverting back to 1.6.
  5. lbailey

    lbailey Lurker

    This update last night was horrible! I've spent the entire morning trying to get home screen, emails, and settings back to normal (normally a quick process, but insanely sluggish after the new update).

    I was already fed up with the crappy reception and internet coverage in my area (DOWNTOWN SEATTLE!; T-Mobile sucks). Now I have to deal with a crappy phone. It's just about enough to make me try to force breach of contract and void the penalty.

    Any news on how to revert from this mess?
  6. TextToTalking

    TextToTalking Lurker

    I've had a different experience so far but it's only been about 8 hours. We got the update for some of our phones last night and to be honest they have been working just fine. Besides an app or two not working correctly it has about the same sluggish response it's always had and I'm excited to have access to more apps in the market.
  7. mcbro

    mcbro Lurker

    My phone has been sluggish and lagging the whole day since I got the update...I've been waiting on this update forever and now that I got it, I hate it...It won't take pictures and I can't even see pictures save to my phone in the gallery, all I get is a black and gold screen in my gallery...This update ****ing sucks
  8. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    I got the 2.2.1 update for my MT3G 3.5mm this morning and it has been terrible. Everything is WAY slower. Gallery never even loads. Working with widgets often causes a freeze requiring a complete restart. All of the apps are terribly slow. I can't even flip to the neighboring screen easily. I'm hoping it's still doing some updating and/or loading of info. A factory reset would be absolutely asinine, although not totally unbelievable. :(
  9. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    So, I'm going to try a system reset. Why am I noting this here, you ask? Well, if you want to hold off on your own system reset, I'll post what I find out when I get it completed. As of now, the Gallery is still terribly slow - actually unusable. The phone is WAY slower in general, Swype is barely usable and transitioning to other home screens or apps is really slow. The SD card is more often undetected than actually working. The usability of my 2.2.1 phone is about 75% worse compared to when I was using 1.6 just two days ago. So, here goes...factory reset. Thanks HTC & T-Mobile. :p (On the upside...I finally found an appropriate place to use the 'Stick Out Tongue' smilie.)
  10. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    So, I did the factory reset, and it still is REALLY slow. It's a joke that these fancy transitions stutter to go to something simple like contacts or messaging. Gallery still never loads. Swype is gone. And when I use the System Tutorial that originally introduced Swype, it just sends me back to the previous menu when I click Begin. This is a ridiculous. Try to take a picture, and then look at it...never happens. I read a post about old Sim cards being the problem, and some folks who were having trouble have been using their sim cards for 5 years...mine is about 6 months old. Now I'm not sure what to try next. Calling Tmo service should be fun. :D
  11. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    So, I tried getting some information from Tmo via their online chat service twice. I ended up with nothing. As of this afternoon, they say this is a 'known' issue with no solution. One agent offered to line me up with a replacement device that may or may not have the update on it. Wow, helpful. My phone is still ridiculously slow and doesn't work on many levels. They said there is currently no way to go back to 1.6. (Why don't I just root it?) *chicken*
  12. Is there a way to remove the update? I'm bout ready to punt this phone.
  13. poconopixie

    poconopixie Lurker

    If you did a reset on this phone and left your SD card in, all you managed to do was reintroduce the original issues back onto the phone. It automatically backs up forked up data and then restores it.

    Try resetting again, but remove the SD card before you do.

    Expecting your phone to be blazing fast after this update is unrealistic. This is older hardware and this is a major update. Is adds weight to the OS. It IS going to be slower.
  14. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    @poco - I appreciate your effort to defend T-Mobile's horrible implementation of a terrible update. Do I really need an all-caps 'IS' like I'm some sort of doofus? Nice. There's no reason I should expect it to be shockingly slower than it was before. That's why T Mobile is offering to replace the device - they know it shouldn't be this ridiculously slow.

    T Mobile never mentioned the update would make my phone unusably slow. Why do you imply we should just expect it will be slow?

    T Mobile never mentioned the update would require a complete memory-erasing system reset - yet here we are. My friend (who bought his phone at the same time) has a different Android phone that got the 2.1 update requiring no factory reset, and he has seen absolutely no slowdown. Why shouldn't we expect the same? It's not an 'older' phone...I bought it as their premiere My Touch phone 8 months ago. I don't care how fast technology moves...that's not even a year old. It should still work. And, if they're going to send out an irreversible update, they darn-well better tell me how jacked up my phone will be should I choose to install the irreversible update.:mad:

    This update has been an absolute joke/mess. That's why forums are full of frustrated MT3G 3.5mm customers and that's why TMo is offering a complete system replacement just days after the update. (I feel especially bad for those who got the cool Fender version which is, as of now, irreplaceable and unable to be fixed or reverted back to 1.6.)

    After a second hard reset yesterday afternoon (without the SD card installed), I let it process for hours. It's still VERY slow - unusably slow. Everything I try to do with the phone is way way way slower than before. Here are just a few examples. I introduced the SD card and let it process (active directory whatever) my 100 fairly small camera-phone images for 4 hours. It takes 3 minutes for the gallery to load now - Monday it would load in less than 5 seconds - that's 35 times slower. Swype lags by an average of four words behind my entries and is wrong about half the time. Monday, Swype was not even noticeably behind my entries and was right nearly 100% of the time. And it's not the now-erased user dictionary that's the problem (another nice bonus of a factory reset), it's that the phone isn't reading the input nearly as fast as it did before.

    ...so...that's my update for today. :) Have an awesome weekend! Maybe I'll see ya at the T Mobile store. I'll update if anything new happens...
  15. oppy1

    oppy1 Newbie

    I didn't find any post about old sim cards. I think I have been using the same sim card for 8 years. Maybe this is causing some of my phone's problems. Where can I find out more about this old sim issue? And what should I try to do about it?
  16. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    I bought a MyTouch 3G 3.5mm phone used on Craig's List and gave it to my son for Christmas. I did a reset and installed some apps before I gave it to him. It was running 1.6. I also unlocked it. He just got the OTA update to 2.2 and his phone is just fine. It sounds like this is not as simple as if you have one of these phones and take the update you will be sorry. There must be some other factors we have not identified. I'm just relieved that my son's phone works fine after the update.
  17. Guilden_NL

    Guilden_NL Newbie

    I forced the update early Fall, backed up data, did factory reset, rooted with Super One Click & it's faster than it ever was. 30 mins of work & I love it enough to keep using it until this Fall when I'll go with a dual or quad core phone.
  18. JRSIV

    JRSIV Newbie

    I woke up this morning about 5 minutes before my alarm on my phone goes off and when I went to disable it I was met with the OTA Froyo update install dialog box. I wasn't even given the choice whether I wanted the phone to download the update!

    I went ahead and installed the update and like the above comments my phone has just been ruined. Extremely sluggish and slow, just a real miserable experience. I was out with the wife and went into a T-Mobile store where a good salesperson (for a change) was dead honest about what a *********** this update has been. He had been deluged with people coming in with their phones in a panic wondering why nothing worked and said it's been worse than the update on the earlier MyTouch3G version.

    He advised to try the factory data reset, I did and it really didn't help, but he also said to call T-Mobile customer service and just go on the squeaky wheel-muscle. He said I should threaten to walk unless I get another device (I want a 4G, and have been trying to buy one but I'm only a year into my contract, so no discounts!) Sounds like it's worth a try, over the years I've got lots from cell companies by being a dick.:D

    I don't wanna send them my Fender 3G though because of it's limited edition status and it's cool :eek:, damnit!; I'm 98% sure they don't have another Fender 3G they could send me and I'm liable to get a 3G Slide if I can get this on in the first place. A 4G is extreme wishful thinking. We'll see, I'll post the results.

    Bottom line is this hardware just isn't sufficient enough to run Froyo. I suspected it but thought that I might get lucky and end up with a faster phone or at least the "new" features would make the phone more interesting until I can upgrade.

    If you have a 3G 3.5mm or Fender 3G I highly recommend passing on the update if possible. If you awake like I did to the update screen staring at you just throw your phone across the room and save yourself some aggravation...
  19. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    Here's my update for midday Monday...

    My phone is still very slow after using it very little this weekend while I was hoping it would somehow get better by leaving it alone as much as possible. I contacted T Mobile this morning and they're offering to switch the phone out with an LG Optimus T. It's looking like I'll probably do that. Dang...I like this phone. I guess I'll have to check out the other one in the store.

    Here's the page about old sim cards...

    Still slow after factory reset after FroYo update?... - T-Mobile Community

    It looks like sometimes it works...
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  20. sngnyrslp

    sngnyrslp Lurker

    I'm a little nervous after reading this thread. I went to T-Mobile yesterday and after having my request for a new SIM shot down (my SIM card is about 7 years old - I figured it was worth a shot to try the new one), I've agreed to have T-Mobile send me a new phone. The sales rep. at the store didn't say ANYTHING about me getting an LG instead of a new MyTouch (in fact, he even told me to keep my phone's back casing since a new one probably won't come with my phone).
    So now I'm worried I'm going to be sent an Optimus T instead of a new MyTouch. Which will make me really mad; I LIKE my MyTouch. Or at least I did before I downloaded the update. If I get some other phone in the mail, I'm going to be pissed.
  21. Raven198

    Raven198 Well-Known Member

    They have SIM cards by the hundreds in the stores and should copy over info and give you a new one upon request. I have never had a problem going into the store and asking for a new one.....something doesn't sound right about that for you. You might want to look into that some more.
  22. sngnyrslp

    sngnyrslp Lurker

    Yeah the guy was just like, "nah that's not it; the SIM card wouldn't be the problem" and that was that.
  23. Njcellgeek74

    Njcellgeek74 Well-Known Member

    It must only be some phones. Mine updated about a week ago and so far no problems. It seems snappy, gets the same signal as before and the keyboard is more responsive. The only thing that got me is it updated overnight with no input from me. I thought that was odd.
  24. Njcellgeek74

    Njcellgeek74 Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected. The **** thing has started freezing, apps crash/force close and it has been dropping calls. I called T-Mobile and their solution was a hard reset. Let's see how that goes. Sigh...
  25. sngnyrslp

    sngnyrslp Lurker

    Hard reset has worked for some, and according to T-Mobile it can "fix most problems," but I did a hard reset twice and had absolutely no luck. All that happened was I lost all my apps.
    Good luck!
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