Oct 19, 2009
Between using my own, my wife's, and best friend's Hero's over the Thanksgiving weekend, it occurred to me that the screen protector really interferes with the responsiveness.

My wife has a Zagg, and I had a Bodyguardz. I was becoming frustrated that my phone seemed to be lagging after the update. After using my best friend's unprotected phone, it hit me that it might be the skin.

Sure enough, my Bodyguardz went into the trash and I am back to swiping and touching with speed and grace! I'll gladly handle the risk of scratches for the performance I've gotten back! My wife has decided to stay with the "protection", but clearly her phone is not as responsive.
Yes, but I believe that responsiveness is a different story from lag. If you tap an icon, and it takes 3 seconds to open up, that would have been the same with or without a protector. I think most of us complaining are about the lag, not the responsiveness... my opinion, at least.
it's a fine line between the two, imo. they can be one in the same.

anyhow, i've been fighting with myself about taking the screen protector off. I have a zagg on mine currently. the only thing holding me back is my line of work (landscaping) might cause some scratches a lot sooner than i'd be willing to accept them. decisions decisions heh.

one thing i've noticed that helps with lag/responsiveness is clearing your cache on your apps every once in a while. read about someone doing it in the Eris forum I think, and gave it a try. what a pleasant surprise it was to see my phone 'come back to life'.
Agree with what you are saying, dvdqnoc. There are still times that things "lag" for me too, but I have to say that my frustrations with waiting or trying to get operations to occur has dramatically reduced. Often, I didn't know if the phone was lagging, or didn't get my input. The latter is now gone!
The latter is gone for you... but not for me :-(

I mean. I should by now be used to waiting a bit for an app to open up. But I'm just the one to focus on the lag...asdjslgs;
Well its natural to focus on that which annoys you! And my wife says I never pay attention to her... lmao... :cool:

I use one of those universal protectors which I cut to the shape of the screen... has real good feel, almost same as naked screen and response to touch is good too. Only drawback is it scratches easier then the screen, so you can see fine scratches... so I just change it again if it gets bad. When screen is on you can't see the scratches though. Anyway, after reading the posts about naked screen being pretty much resistant to light scratches I might take it off...
The only screen protector I'll ever use is from boxwave. They are the best Imo, just like having nothing on the screen.