Got my call back from Mr. Hesse's Office-will this work....?


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I did get the callback promised last week. Nice woman. I explained my displeasure over the $10 premium. She listened but I got the standard corporate answer....

So I then asked about the recurring credit some have asked for and received. She confirmed that was being done for existing customers only.

SO....IF I get a Hero now at BB and sign up for service, THEN call and ask for the credit (after also pre-ordering an EVO at BB and exchanging it) will this work?



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you'll pay 600 for the EVO if you pre-order, losing 400, and only saving 120 every year.... sooooooo you lose 280 by that move, not to mention the additional money it will cost you to buy the HERO, if your that desperate not to pay the 10 get a different phone, it seems like your more agaisnt the principle and not the actual price. throwing away ~$350 just to prove a point is stupid IMO


If he gets any phone now, he'll be within the 30 day window to change phones without a penalty, ie, getting the 10 dollar credit then swapping the Hero out for an Evo.


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I think they are just giving you the run around. People on here and other forums have called and all received the same answer that they would not be doing a credit for it.


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In the end, I think everyone who gets an Evo will be paying the $10 charge. Whether you get another credit for something else or not is still to be seen. I've seen some very creative yet questionable sales corners cut that could lead to this, but it really wouldn't be in Sprint's biz interest to have the $10 charge and then allow CSRs to negate it will-nilly.

I do not have a problem with Sprint giving retention credits to long-term, always-paying-on-time customers though, but think they'd be better served doing it as a one-time credit or lump rather than creating the appearance that some people won't pay the Evo charge while others will.

I think they would have just been better served telling people that Evo will be among the first of many planned dual 3G/4G devices that require an uncapped dual 3G/4G plan. I don't see this issue going away for any dual 3G/4G device which future phones are likely to be as long as voice is still carried on 3G signal.


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I think the reoccuring $10/month credit is only for current customers that are out of contract, and its a ploy to lure them back to signing another 2 year contract.


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what if you're a new customer and pay for the phone in full price so you're not in contract, if this is even possible? can that be grounds for negotiating a $10 reduction in a month-to-month bill?

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My 2-year contract is expiring in about 3 months. I wonder if I can try to get some recurring credit as incentive to renew. I inquired about some $70 credit fee, but was told that if I would receive it, it would completely renew my contract for 2 more years and I would lose my $150 device upgrade credit which is total bs.


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From Wal-Mart:

Premium Data - Plan Options

Premium Data for HTC EVO 4G
This Feature is required with the purchase of your HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. Because of the added benefit of 4G with the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint, you are required to add this $10 feature with every order you place of the HTC EVO 4G. With the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint, you will be able to do more things, faster, and easier right from your cell phone.