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Got my Ext Battery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by knitpurlgurl, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I got my extended battery and cover today. It's STILL charging. WOW -this battery takes a while to charge! I'm so thrilled to have it and to have gotten it for such a terrific price.. but now I'm bummed that neither of the cute TPU cases I have for it will fit it. :( I really hope someone makes a case for the Bionic with ext. battery!

  2. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    I just got mine, too. Put it on to charge about three hours ago and forgot to watch it- but its done now!
    Hope its not too bulky. Trying now.

    ETA: Wow! I think I could get used to this! unfortunately my left index finger now sits on the camera lens.
  3. Rodent

    Rodent Member

    I drained mine last night until it died(picked it up that afternoon). It took about 6 hours to charge it but that was from dead.
  4. omahatian

    omahatian Member

    Maybe you could knit one? ;-) I am expecting my ext. battery today. I totally didn't even THINK about the cases... I guess that means the four (cheap, but still) silicone cases I bought won't fit. I did read that someone suggested putting the silicone cover over the battery without the battery cover... but that scares me a little. Although, I don't know why... the silicone should protect it enough, right?

    I may be taking this puppy back, though, because the audio/headphone whine and the camera lag are enough to drive me mental(er). A laggy camera doesn't work when trying to photograph a Border Collie. He moves too fast. :-(
  5. twistedlim

    twistedlim Android Expert

    No whine on my audio headphones and if you want to take photos of a runnng Border Collie you will need more than a cell phone.
  6. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    I love the extended battery ;)
  7. omahatian

    omahatian Member

    LOL. Even standing still, he's too fast for this pokey camera!
  8. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    I get very low headphone audio whine from time to time but completely disappears when im actually listening to music. It really doesn't bother me. The slow camera app can be remedied with using the Vignette app. Its not the camera itself that's slow, its the app.
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  9. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

    I received my Extended Battery just now...yeah!

    BUT, I am having a HARD TIME trying to remove the standard battery, any advice?


    EDIT: Nevermind, I had to use my THUMBNAIL to wedge it down from where the camera lens is (it does say "BATTERY REMOVAL HERE" but it still ain't easy).
  10. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Android Enthusiast

    Went to my local vzw store and asked for the extended battery. Said I didn't have an account and have then my google voice number. Battery rang up half off and all the store reps were shocked. If I had given them my number it would have rang up with my employee discount so the key is to not give then that info to get the half off price..

    This after calling the store and asking about the price and mentioning how much it is online. She said "um online had different prices". I enjoyed purchasing the battery just to watch her eat her words.. ;)
  11. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    I don't think a slow camera is enough reason to get rid of a family pet, but thats just my opinion.
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  12. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    It was really hard to get out! I guess the two regular batteries I have will never get used. I switched batteries in my OGDroid regularly but this would be a real beyotch. Glad I got this big one!
  13. Running 11 hours on my extended battery with light to moderate use and 4g on but no 4g signal (which some say drains the battery even more) and I'm still at 50%
  14. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    I just got my Extended Battery from VZW - I'm considering getting another one and then selling my stock batteries online (for a modest price of $20 lol).

    I know some locales are showing that VZW is out of stock, but... I think I can swing it.

    The really kewl thing is that the battery charger I got through the CostCo deal also charges the extended battery...
  15. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    I didn't get it at Costco. but I have that as well.

    I did manage to use up my whole battery yesterday by 9 pm, but I was trying to drain it completely. After a full charge last night and light use today with 4g on all day I am at 80% at 6 pm.

  16. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    I just ordered mine today, and I ordered the shell combo case as well. I really didnt' want to get a holster type like that as I just keep the phone in my pocket, but I don't really like carrying the phone naked. Since it's the only case that fits the extended battery so far I just bit the bullet. Maybe it will grow on me.
  17. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    I used the shell / holster combo with my OG DROID, so when I got my BIONIC, I waited one day to see if I could deal wit it in hte pants pocket. Nope. Friday afternoon, I bought the shell holster for the BIONIC.

    The infinitely kewlest part of it (after the fact that it fits all dock s8and* accommodates that extended battery) is that kickstand thingy on the back. I actually use that by inserting my ring finger into it when holding the phone - makes for a better, more secure hold on the phone, and makes it easy to use my thumb to do things on the touchscreen.
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  18. omahatian

    omahatian Member

    Hahaha! Well-played!
  19. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Awesomeness. I just bought another one for me. I can sell my original BIONIC batts and I'll also have a spare door in case one breaks.

  20. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    Received my extended battery (VZW online order) on Monday. Was so impressed that I stopped by the local VZW store on Wednesday to purchase a second one. The first store I went to had not received any Bionic accessories yet. The second store had the battery for $49.99. I told the sales person that they were $24.99 at the VZW store online and asked if it could be matched. She said, "no, sorry." I said, "no problem I'll just order another one online."
    As I'm leaving the store, someone who appeared to be a manager (different color shirt) said "hi," I said "hi" back. He then asked, "everything good?" I said "not really."
    He asked the problem. I explained the foregoing and asked if he could match the VZW online price. He said "no." I said "have a good day."
    I ordered my second battery online today. If the brick and mortar stores don't want my business, screw `em.
  21. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    Already did this as well, the store refused to match it and I told them to have a wonderful day.
  22. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Brick and mortar stores in some places (including here) get offended if you don't buy from them. I still need to make a QR-code liking me to my username here and then walk into my store and let them try to tell me a bold faced lie about something...

    I'll point to the code, and say "Scan it and weep. You just lost my trust. Begone."
  23. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Android Enthusiast

    you guys are all going about it wrong.. i GUARANTEE it will scan half off in their system. dont ask about the price. tell them you want to buy the battery and it WILL scan for half off in their system. they will be surprised and either sell it to you or adjust the price up manually, (why?). at that point, if its 50 just say oh shit i forgot my debit card. bye. go to a different store. it is in their system at half off whether the moron that works there knows it or not.
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  24. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    I believe the above to be true. I've purchased a lot of things from VZW online and in stores and every time the store gave me the price that I could have purchased from them online even if the price online was different from the price the store normally sold them for.
  25. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    I normally wait quite a long time for the stupid guys to get free so I would rather just order online and be done with it.

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