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Got my new S3, got a few questions.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Randy Lahey, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Randy Lahey

    Randy Lahey Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone!

    Just picked up my s3 today and i must say, Wow... The screen and size are amazing. Ive owned iphones for the last 4 years and ive decided its time to change up although there are some minor features i miss.

    Anyways, i have a few questions. Many of my friends including my wife all have iphones and when a picture message is sent from them, my android will receive literally 20 minutes later. Any fix to this? Also a minor question I have, any chance my messages can turn blue (imessage) to iphone users instead of green?

    Lastly, what are the benifits of rooting my android device? Is it similiar to jailbeaking an iphone?

    I must say, adjusting to my s3 from an iphone 4s is really different.

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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    A jailbroken iPhone is already in most respects equivalent to a nonrooted iPhone. Many things you can do on a jailbroken iPhone is already available on stock Android. Since rooting involves breaking warranty, make sure first you really need to root.
  3. Randy Lahey

    Randy Lahey Lurker
    Thread Starter

    looks like i may not be rooting it anytime soon. any solution for my other questions?
  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Android Expert

    I would suggest you just leave your phone unrooted for now unless you are just really into tinkering with your phone. An unrooted Android phone which you probably discovered has a great many features and customisation options. If you feel you want to do something that requires rooting, then you should look into it.

    Rooting will allow you to do things like remove unwanted apps, install customised ROMs with more updated firmware. For instance, you will have to wait for Jellybean if unrooted, but if you do root, you may find a ROM for it now instead of waiting.

    I find that even adjusting to the SGS3 from my old Desire Z (also an Android phone) takes some adjusting.
  5. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Welcome, Randy, to Android Forums!

    I have moved your thread into the S3 forum for further discussion, since the S3 owners will know the most about this phone.:)
  6. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert

    Try go sms for texting. Free in the market. Dozens of customizable options including color and fonts. the more you play with your s3, the more you will like it compared to the iphone.
  7. mrawdtsi

    mrawdtsi Lurker

    In regards to the picture/video messaging coming from an iphone...

    I bought a new S3 (former iPhone owner) and ran into the same problem.

    It turns out my wife/friends iphones kept defaulting to "imessage" when attempting to send me any sort of text message. This included just text as well as pictures/videos.

    After some research I was able to determine that Apple registers imessage by your phone number in their database. So what happens is, your friends whom still have you in their phone default to imessage. It takes a long time for imessage to eventually fail and then send as text.

    Many articles on the web stated that you need to go to an apple support page and un-register your old iphone. I did that, and it did not work.


    You need to take the sim card out of your S3, and insert it into an iphone, any iphone will do.

    Go to settings, then messages
    Sign into your imessage account. Including your old Apple ID.
    turn off imessage.
    power off phone
    remove your sim card, and re-insert the previous sim card.
    Sign the original owner back into imessage

    After doing this, your phone number will no longer be registered in the imessage system, and you will receive your texts/pics/videos in real time.

    this drove me nuts for a week until i finally figured it out.


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