Got my One X......


Few quick questions,

done nothing with it other than turn it on for sim update message and then turned it off for charge. Been on since half 12, light is now green, can I start playing with it or would you recommend leaving it couple of more hours?

Im guessing you can run the intial set up againa through the menu like on other HTC's as I just ran through it quite quickly just to get it up and running

this HTC account that i was offered, what is it exactly and is it worth getting?

Thanks for any advice in advance


Yes you should be all good to go. The initial setup can be completed again without resetting anything by clicking on the 'Setup' shortcut.
As for the HTC account, any more info on that? Not entirely sure which one you mean, there's always quite a few account details you need to enter.

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If you've had a HTC phone before, I think it's the new version of their Sense account. I'm led to believe they're working on a replacement and I think this is it. I presume you'll need it to download Sense themes/widgets etc.