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Oct 20, 2009
My defender series replacement arrived today and I haven't opened it. After reading reports from other individuals I'm not sure my issues have been resolved. So I'm trying to figure out what to do. Do I keep it?
I waited so long for this case and at the end of my first week with it I feel that it fell short of expectations and Otterbox Quality. My phone rattles in the case unless I have 2 pieces of paper or a screen protector installed with the phone.
Other than this I have issues with the polycarbonate shell staying attached and don't like the amount of lint that it attracts.
Since I got my replacement in the mail. I decided to do some risky hacks on the damaged unit. I popped out the screen protector. Let me tell you, it came out easily without much resistance.

EDIT: Literally, I gripped both sides of the top shell and used my thumbs to pop out the screen protector. Then all I had to do was clean the glue off the case.

I know some cringe at the thought of no protector, but the experience feels so good without it that it's hard to say no. I guess I had the phantom skinz on for so long that I forgot how smooth and fluid the device is. I guess it's all relative, and I'm having a hard time going back.

EDIT: Video added...
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Thanks for all this; too bad that no changes seem to have been made yet for the replacements. Like you said, at least you got a belt clip/stand replacement. You gotta look out for those lawn chairs! It's probably good to have an extra silicone cover too for down the road...
I'm glad I got my Seidio Rugged MONTHS ago and didn't wait around for THIS.
BURN lol...in all seriousness glad you like it. I still don't think it would have been the case for me. This is all personal choice, and I must admit that Seidio did right by getting the case to market quickly. There is no arguing that.
My co-worker has it and doesn't really like it to much. However, he does like the Innocase so he still has a case he likes.
I have a case that I'm not satisfied with. There was a lot of potential, but there are serious QA issues apparently. So the otterbox defense of, "We take l onger getting to market because we want our products to be of higher quality" is garbage. The Seidio is as good if not better because of the Innocase flexibility.
Yes I said it, the same guy who ordered and cancelled his Seidio case because Otterbox announced the Defender.
I guess I'm feeling a little burned by Otterbox right now.
I'm glad I got my Seidio Rugged MONTHS ago and didn't wait around for THIS.

love my rugged! i love the fact that you can either use the innocase or the rugged

I went with the combo pack with the innocase II, rugged and the holsters

I think all that was the same price as the defender case