Got the Eris!


Picked it up Wednesday morning. Have not had a chance to play with it much at all since work's been so crazy.

But I have a couple questions if you all would not mind answering or linking me to answers!

What's this "Awake" time I keep hearing about? What's a good percentage? Mine, for the most part seems to be hovering around 23%-28%. I'm not really running any apps (have not set up Facebook yet). Good or bad?

Also, when receiving text messages from other Verizon users they and I keep getting errors saying they can't be over 160 characters? Or that certain media objects weren't included? Quite frustrating!?

Thanks everyone!


Android Expert
Awake time % unto itself isn't important. What IS important is that it closely tracks to your actual use time.

In other words, if you boot the phone up at 7:00 AM, use it for about an hour total during your day, then look at it at 5 PM, your awake time should be around 1.5 hours or so with an awake % at 15%. YMMV, but it shouldn't be, say, 80%.

NOw, if you turn the phone on, use it for 45 straight minutes, then sleep it, and come back and look at it 15 minutes later, your awake % will be high, of course.

The key is that it should be sleeping, except for checks, when it's SUPPOSED to be sleeping, and that nothing is keeping it awake.