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Got the Galaxy S yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vikingisson, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So has the excitement died down yet? Do you find that the hype was way overblown and now regret it? installed the Kies app and wonder WTF were they thinking?

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  2. Brando737

    Brando737 Newbie

    I have had my Captivate for 3 days now and I love it. Totally worth the wait. GPS works great, the screen is amazing, does not lag at all and the battery life is great. The first two days were not all that great for the battery, but after running it right down twice and doing a full charge while it was off, helps allot. I have been using my phone all day today for phone calls, twitter, facebook, angry birds, youtube, and listening to the radio with the tune in app. I still have 51% battery left. I would have had to recharge my magic before my day was done after all this.
  3. Saeros

    Saeros Newbie

    I've had mine now for two whole days and starting my third... Agree with the Kies app, it's rediculously bloated. Couldn't believe the size of the download. One thing I do miss about my iPhone is how easy it was to get playlists and photos over... but there is always a learning curve with a new device. Battery life needs some work but I'll play with that. My GPS didn't work for the first half day I had it, but I was in a poor area... so in testing it later, it did manage to get a lock.
  4. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Let's see how it goes after a week or two. Meanwhile, what OS version is on it?
    Is it listed as Eclair.UGJH2? (2.1)
  5. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    For playlists and stuff there is an app called Doubletwist. It is the equivalent of itunes for android.

    Sync Android, Motorola, Samsung, HTC: doubleTwist with Amazon MP3
  6. Canuk

    Canuk Lurker

    I've had mine since Saturday. Missing my Visual Voicemail for sure, and I've got a weird text message problem. Sending and receiving is ok, but the ones I receive are timestamped 5 hours before they were sent. Not sure how that works.:thinking:
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Yes got the Captivate as a gift from wife. So far I am liking the display but missing the speed, efficiency and effectiveness that is Froyo on my Nexus One.

    The battery life on the Captivate is a bitch, but I am hoping that when Samsung releases Froyo, that will hopefully resolve it.

    When I understood what Kies does, I was shocked. The words that came to mind were "WTF were they thinking"! Instead of using OTA model of updating, they tied it down to updating the device via a computer. This is idiotic and a step back in evolution, to be honest.
  8. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yeah, noticed that the OS leaves a lot on the table? The UI is a matter of taste but I don't like it at all, a replacement is easy enough though. Battery life gets better over time.

    The question is if it has the same issues that most of the S variants have. It sounds like it, speed, GPS, lots of little bugs.

    Keis is without a doubt the worst bundle of poo I've seen. I'm not too concerned over the cable part, that's ok if it works from any machine. And this one of course doesn't and you're lucky if it works at all. The alternative is to root it and use one of the much leaner apps out there.

    Can you check the version for me so I can see if it matches the one I have? I have the international version with two cameras but I think the OS is the same. The model, firmware, and build number please....

    (did I read it right that Rogers won't allow an update until mid 2011? That will be a major issue if it shipped with the broken 2.1 that everyone else has. The 2.2 is rolling out now and I hope to see it this week or next)

    oh, important thing to check just in case; check if you can get into download/recovery mode. A large batch of earlier S's went out with that disabled so you should make sure that it works for you. Without it you have a potential brick. It took a lot of pestering to get that fixed as an update so I'd be surprised if this new one has the same problem.
  9. outcastrc

    outcastrc Member

    Love it! So happy to finally be able to do what ever I want with a device without always being told I can't do it... But there are things I need or would like to see.

    I do miss visual voice mail a lot and hope Google Voice would gets its butt in gear... Why the phone itself couldn't have its own built in answering machine app is beyond me. It can do everything else...

    Blue tooth voice dialing is another issue I want working. Why is it that considering by law I need this feature every phone I buy seems to be missing it?

    Samsung needs to get off its rump and fix keis! Most people need a easy way to sync their data... And nothing like hearing Google is releasing 2.3 when we still don't have 2.2... Yeash!
  10. ArthurIhde

    ArthurIhde Well-Known Member

    yeah i love it too [​IMG]
  11. Saeros

    Saeros Newbie

    Canuk - there is a program you can get to fix that SMS message lag... Search for SMS Time Fix.

    Vikingsson - Download mode works on mine :)

    A couple of bugs I have are... Gmail app - attachments don't always preview... "SD Card required for download" comes up... but sometimes it works... Would love it if I could find a tweak or setting that would make Gmail auto preview all photos in an email. Would make it killer for me.
  12. princetonbc

    princetonbc Newbie

    I have a Vibrant with Bell. But I had the the same problem with the battery until I read somewhere that you need to let your battery run out before your recharge it. I did this a couple of times and now it works great I can use it all day at work and still have battery left when I get home.
  13. Arcaetal

    Arcaetal Lurker

    I've had the Captivate for 2 days now, and I love it. It such a nice upgrade from my Magic. But I'm having an issue with WiFi. It just randomly stops working, but mobile internet works just fine. Nothing but a restart of the phone has fixed it. I've tried restarting my wireless router too, but nothing else in my house is having trouble over WiFi.

    That is the only issue that I have with the phone, aside from the timestamp problem, which is now a non-issue thanks to Saeros and SMS Time Fix. I remember having the timestamp problem with my old HTC Touch Pro. It took a firmware update to fix it. Everything else about the phone is gravy. Especially that screen!
  14. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Tried your GPS yet? I'd be interested in hearing if this version of the S has the same problems as the Bell version. An upgrade is sorely needed and I hope that R doesn't make you wait 8 months like they suggested...
  15. LeftcoastMike

    LeftcoastMike Newbie

    I just got my Captivate the other day and i love it so far. Im just wondering if 2.2 is available?
  16. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes but perhaps not from Rogers yet. This phone needs that update more than the Magic ever did. If you're happy then great but I was far from happy until I got 2.2 on it. Not because of 2.2 itself but for the many bugs in the Samsung 2.1
  17. Canuk

    Canuk Lurker

    Well, I'm back to my phone not being accessible from a PC. I plug it in, USB settings are on Mass Storage and I see two drives show up under My Computer, neither of which is accessible.
    Curious if this is a Rogers or a Samsung problem.
  18. Saeros

    Saeros Newbie

    There are lots of drivers out there. They are really picky about what drivers they use. Have a gander over at the XDA forums. There should be links to the proper drivers. Once you got them installed, make sure when you are in device manager that there are no yellow triangles with the ! in it.
  19. Vinny454

    Vinny454 Newbie

    It's a Samsung thing. Are you by chance running Windows 7 64 bit? I have had my Cap about a month now and it connected the first time, transfered a movie and a bunch of MP3's. Hasn't connected since. Read a post about it not liking Windows 7 64 bit so I dl'd Kies on my laptop with XP, boom, everything connects again.
  20. Vinny454

    Vinny454 Newbie

    Mine does the same thing. As long as I am continually using it or the screen only turns off for a short while, I'm ok. If the phone sit's idle with a blank screen for an hour or more, I have to turn the WiFi off and then on again to get it to work. That is my only real issue with it though and it is only a mild inconvenience for me at that.
  21. welder663

    welder663 Lurker

    anyone get speech search on captivate 2.1? thanks in advance
  22. kilodelta

    kilodelta Newbie

    i'm getting this phone in the morning - upgrading from my Dream.
  23. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    Use Vlingo.
  24. LeftcoastMike

    LeftcoastMike Newbie

    on 2.2 and as much as I like it I wish I could send mms with handcent. I'm only able to send pics using whatsapp.
  25. kilodelta

    kilodelta Newbie

    do you have the right Rogers APNs?

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