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got the low down on the Best Buy bluetooths and preorders

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rjjr2531, May 27, 2010.

  1. rjjr2531

    rjjr2531 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    best buy mobile manager told me they were ONLY giving the headsets away on JUNE 4th...also, he says its while supplies last...didnt have them in yet and wasnt sure if theyd actually run out. he also told me how theyre handling everything on the 4th. if you preordered, they will call you to schedule when to come in on the 4th...its a lottery-like system, not first pre orders get first dibs...kinda sucks bc i was the first to preorder at my BB...he also aid most ppl are scheduled to show up around 5pm (working) and the earlier the better...thats all for now. still waiting for my call to schedule my time. i told him lets schedule it now while i was there and he said they are strict about this lottery thing...

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  2. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    that's strange. i had to sell my iPhone, so i don't have a phone, which means i couldn't receive a call from them for an appointment. so i just called them up, explained that, and they let me pick my time...
  3. legacy

    legacy Android Enthusiast

    The manager at the store I pre-ordered from said that the first pre-order would get the first call to set their appointment time.
  4. rjjr2531

    rjjr2531 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i guess they are all doing it differently ...damn that manager! lol i'll call tonight when he's gone and convince one of the reps to hook it up
  5. BigRick10

    BigRick10 Well-Known Member

    I did the exact same thing. I went into the store though.
  6. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    no appointments.. no open early and no bluetooth at mine LOL
  7. Michael.

    Michael. Newbie

    Yeah I think I'm gonna get the shaft at my BB. It's a new store (grand opening was on 4/23!) so I'm guessing they're still not going to do jack.
  8. BigRick10

    BigRick10 Well-Known Member

    Nothing :eek:

    Fullerton confirmed the bluetooth but wouldn't tell me more
  9. p00kienrayray

    p00kienrayray Well-Known Member

    Dont lose hope yet. I went to the Riverside store yesterday where i preordered mine and asked them about it. the guy said that since their manager just finally came back (from a training trip i assume), they had just found out about the bluetooth and that they wouldn't schedule appointments until june. Didn't mention anything about first preorder first serve though.
  10. Just called my BB (Milpitas, CA) and she told me that they are going to start calling pre-orders 2 days or the day before the 4th. Completely forgot to ask about the bluetooth giveaway. But I did ask her that when I was purchasing the giftcard for the pre-order that I was taxed on the giftcard and that when I come in to purchase the phone will I be taxed again? and she told me "no, you won't be taxed again". I hope she's right and that everyone is on the same page there.
  11. p00kienrayray

    p00kienrayray Well-Known Member

    you know i did ask them about it when i saw the $4 tax on the giftcard and I was told that the tax would be applied to the price of the phone. So I'm pretty sure the phone would be taxed.
  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Seems like ALL the Best Buy's have different protocols as far as the release day is concerned.

    At the BB I pre-ordered at, they told me that I have nothing to worry about because they'll be calling all the pre-order customers to set up appointments (between 50-60 pre-orders) and the people at the top of the list get priority (I'm pretty sure I was #7). They said that they had the most pre-orders in Los Angeles, but will not likely be opening early and confirmed that they'd call a couple days prior to June 4 release day.

    This has been discussed ad nauseum in the different BB threads.

    Easy and quick explanation, so hopefully EVERYONE will understand:

    $50 Gift Card (+tax) + $149 Balance (+tax) = $199 (+tax)

    Again, for everyone that keeps on having the same concern, if you were charged tax on your gift card, just make sure that they subtract the $50 gift card from $199, prior to calculating the remaining tax and you'll be fine.

    Seriously, it's not that difficult and it's really not as BIG a deal as people are making it out to be.
  13. p00kienrayray

    p00kienrayray Well-Known Member

    It is a big deal if the bb salesperson fails to mention that.
  14. timlot1

    timlot1 Newbie

    My bestbuy said they were going by who preordered first also. Im 2
  15. JustFrozen

    JustFrozen Well-Known Member

    I dont care if it's only $4 i'm losing from the double taxing. I'll still be pissed. It's the principal of the matter. They're a national superstore chain and should be handling it properly. On top of that is all the widespread confusion regarding gift cards, headsets, and appointments. GAH!

    If not the right to complain, I think we all have the right to ask questions about it. We've been waiting for June 4th for weeks (in some cases months) so we just want to make sure nothing gets messed up. I'm not saying we all need to make new threads every time we have a new question or get a call or find something out, but whats wrong with talking about it in existing threads? Sheesh
  16. arsenalfan

    arsenalfan Lurker

    just called my local BB and I have no appointment time..the guy just said come in any time..he said come in around 1pm we should have them in. I also called yesterday and got the same response..I guess its all about where you are located and the overall demand etc...

    If they are not making appointments I bet they won't be giving anything away either !
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    It's NOT a big deal if YOU (the customer) don't mention it to THEM! Seriously, what's so hard about telling the sales person, "Um, I was charged tax on the pre-order gift card, so please make sure that tax is charged on the $149, not the $199."

    What's so difficult about that?

    Just imagine if you were in CA. There's "potential" that I'll be charged tax on the FULL RETAIL price. Apparently, that's at the seller's discretion.
  18. p00kienrayray

    p00kienrayray Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't be too sure about that...yet. Just would not make any sense if some BB gives a bluetooth while others don't. Seems a lot of BB salespeople are either out of the loop, or just straight up hiding info. Just wait until june before you jump the gun.
  19. rjjr2531

    rjjr2531 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    maybe bb is giving these away depending on how many RS are in the area....ah, my marketing light bulb just turned on
  20. p00kienrayray

    p00kienrayray Well-Known Member

    If you read my earlier post, it says that I DID ask them. Thats not the big deal. But when you have a company that makes lord knows how much profit off of customers, it is reasonable for a customer to get upset over an unexplained $4. Nowhere in the preorder sheet or any ad does it say that the giftcard was gonna be taxed and that the tax would be applied.
    matter of fact, when I asked the BB salesperson, he wasn't even sure himself why I was taxed.
  21. rjjr2531

    rjjr2531 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    also.......i think most of the BB will be getting a working model the day before june 4th...so if youre that desparate are getting your phone after june4th, u may wanna go check it out....i alo know sprint stores will be getting 2...atleast my location
  22. teamgreen02

    teamgreen02 Lurker

    I got a call from BB (Eden Prairie, MN) early last week to schedule an appointment. Going in after work on the 4th to pick it up. The mobile guy said they would be matching the $20 RadioShack offer.
  23. arsenalfan

    arsenalfan Lurker

    This is true. It may just vary depending on where you are. Here is why I say that ; I work for a huge national bank and while the same basic products are available nationwide, sometimes there are small differences based on the market the branch is in, as there are small differences in the offers we make, so it wouls stand to reason that maybe BB has the same setup.

    I do hope I get a bluetooth headset for Free !
  24. Blue2Noise

    Blue2Noise Lurker

    just got back from BB. i am number 23 on the pre order list and they said they will not call me until the 4 and will let me know if i have one reserved. He said 23 is a high number for phone shipments.

    Not looking good
  25. smprfi1999

    smprfi1999 Lurker

    what best buy is this

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