Goto - Great android lock screen application

GOTO v1.20


GOTO is the ultimate lock screen freeware application and it's fast. Quickly unlock or jump to your text messages, missed calls, and Gmail with a simple slide gesture.

Top 5 Features:
- Elegant interface
- Notification previews
- 3 app shortcuts
- Location based weather
- Supports built-in security
*Home key cannot be disabled in Froyo.


Android Enthusiast
Looks nice. I'll give it a try. It would be really cool if you could configure what shortcuts were down there. I don't think I've ever felt a need to quickly get to my missed calls. ;) Now to go try this puppy out.


Android Enthusiast
Sorry, Mik, free wins.

A couple more comments: It'd be nice to still be able to see my notification bar. I like to wake the phone up to see if I've got email or anything, but with this, I have to unlock to see my notification bar.

Also, maybe there's just something different about today, but it seems that since installing Goto this morning, my battery is just evaporating.


Android Enthusiast
Also, IMO, the WidgetLocker is worth the $0.99. I don't get it when people won't pay that.

Widgetlocker is $1.99 now, it was 0.99 a while back.

I've bought it and have had issues with it, personally in its current state I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it.

1) It's not compatible with Froyo/Sense. Anyone running 2.2 with sense will need to go through THREE lock screens. It doesn't intercept the stock sense lock screen many times. Annoying.

2) NONE of the lock sliders are animated smoothly. The android 2.2, iphone style, or even sense locks all move very jumpy. None of them slide smoothly. Pretty annoying and unpolished IMO.

At this point I think I'd recommend Lockbot over this until the developer can fix the problems.