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GPS advice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davejos8, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. davejos8

    davejos8 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello people.

    I am about to switch from Tmobile to Sprint. I was looking at both the Epic and Evo. I am a little nervous about getting the Epic because I heard the GPS doesnt work. I have google searched for updates but all the articles are from months ago. So I was wondering if any of you guys use the gps on a regular basis and if it works well. I really like the epic more than the evo, but if the gps is unusable I may have to defect to the evo :(




  2. BubZX

    BubZX Well-Known Member

    me personaly i have never had any issues with my gps.
  3. Hizorse

    Hizorse Member

    My GPS works pretty well, there were times where the arrow would dart off the highway and say I was driving a ways from it in the open area next to it but it would come back, also did cause a little confusion in a more congested area. For the most part mine has been pretty good. First time using it ever was on a 2.5 hour trip to a concert and used my Epics GPS as the way to guide us.
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I use the gps pretty often and I do have problems with it. The problem is it cannot get a gps lock. When that happens, I turn airplane mode on and off. That usually fixes it. If not, I have to turn the phone off and on and that seems to always fix the problem.

    I have tried the tips out there but I still have the problem about 1 out of every 4 times I try to use the gps.

    Here are some of the things I have tried:

  5. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    If you need a flawless GPS out-of-the-box then don't get an Epic. However, if you like to tinker with your phone and are proficient with following technical instructions then the Epic may be for you.

    The GPS is the Epic's Achilles's Heel. It doesn't work in Airplane Mode - it literally must be connected to the network in order to function at all. So if you need it out in the mountains somewhere to find your way back home, do not rely on the Epic.

    We expect some of the issues (mentioned in previous posts) to be resolved with the next update to the operating system (aka Froyo / 2.2.1). However, Samsung has not told us: a) what will be fixed, nor b) when it will be fixed. However, we expect the locking issues to be addressed (as evidenced by the beta release that was leaked in December). The Airplane Mode probably won't (note: this is just a guess on my part).

    We also think the OS will be updated sometime next week. But we have been waiting for it for months and every time we think it will be released, we are disappointed.

    In summary, if you need a good working GPS out of the box today, don't get an Epic. Get an Evo or something (note: I have no idea what GPS issues the Evo may have, if any). If GPS isn't your primary concern, and you really want a keyboard and you don't mind tinkering with your phone, then the Epic may work out for you. FWIW, I fall into the latter category. I bought an Epic on the day it was released last year and I bought another one for my wife a few weeks ago.
  6. buggerritt

    buggerritt Member

    All of the above information is jank. There is a perfectly working fix for the epic GPS. It does require you to flash to the leaked DK28 ROM. Here is the fix. After this fix, your GPS will be flawless. It does work in airplane mode. It locks in moments. It is accurate within 1-4 meters (1 while outside and 4 while inside buildings). If you like the Epic better than the EVO, get it. Apply the fix. If you are unhappy with it, flash it back to stock and return it for the EVO.
  7. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Note that I emphasized out of the box. Not all people are comfortable with rooting their phones, following technical instructions, voiding their warranties, etc. ymmv

    And FWIW, nobody has posted a pic of a locked GPS in Airplane Mode.
  8. buggerritt

    buggerritt Member

    You do not have to root, to enjoy DK28. As you can see, steps 5 and 6 are optional.

    There are nothing but benefits from rooting, though. Your warranty is not void, if you flash back to stock. It removes root and you are right back to where you were, when you pulled it out of the box.

    As for not having a pic of a locked GPS in airplane mode, I beg to differ. Please see pic, below.

    Again, all of the previous tips were misinformation.

  9. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the screenshot, I will see if it works for me.

    As for your comment that you don't have to root to enjoy DK28, yes, you are correct. But you should also advise users that in order to follow the instructions you posted to fix the GPS, you will have to root (which voids the warranty). If anything goes wrong while applying the DK28 leak, you will have to root. When the actual 2.2.1 release does come out, you will either have to apply some dev'ed ROM to get it (requires root) or you will have to go back to original stock (requires root). There is a possibility that you won't have to root to get the the actual release when it comes out, but nobody knows that right now.

    In other words, in order to get a perfectly working GPS today, you will have take some additional responsibility for your phone that you may not have to do with some other phone. It all depends on how comfortable you are with doing that. The point is subtle, but I think it's important.
  10. buggerritt

    buggerritt Member

    You DO NOT have to root, to fix the GPS. The instructions do not say that, at all. Dialing *#1472365# and running GPS Tool do not require root access. Flashing DK28 does not, either. When the time comes that someone were to need to flash back to stock, they wouldn't need to root to do that either.

    If they want to have the opportunity to completely backup their phone, take screenshots, wifi tether without added fees, and have unlimited access to all android apps on the market, they will have to root. But, to fix their GPS, they do not.

    Good luck with the fix.
  11. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    1. Boot into Clockwork and wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache 3 times each.

    Doesn't Clockwork require root?
  12. buggerritt

    buggerritt Member

    That part is if you are coming from a bad Froyo flash. I have just edited it. Please notice the name of the thread from which it comes.
  13. carrera997

    carrera997 Newbie

    It works in Airplane Mode, up in the air. I tested it last week flying from CLT to LAX.
  14. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Look, the whole point I am trying to make is there are issues with GPS out of the box. Sure, you can fix it, but be prepared to violate your warranty. If I am not mistaken, updating your OS from anywhere besides official OTA will do just that. So will rooting.

    Regarding DK28 without root: Unless there's some instructions posted somewhere for the unsuspecting user of how to install the leak the correct way, what usually happens is they get update.zip from somewhere, put it on their SD card, install it, get problems, then wind up in the Froyo/flipping out thread. IMHO, new users to Android in general and Epic in particular shouldn't even be told about this. They are better off without it. (esp. with the possibility that we may, just may, finally get the real update next week)

    And yes, you can go back to stock without root, but the unsuspecting user should also know that they will lose all their data. Oh, but you can back up your data (requires root, plus some $$$ for a decent app to do it with).

    I think I've beat this thread to death, so I will let Buggerritt have the last word.
  15. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Are you on stock 2.1 Eclair? Or did you install the update? If so how did you fix?
  16. buggerritt

    buggerritt Member

    Yes, backing up your data will require root. ClockworkMod is free and backs up your data, system, apps. You can flash a new ROM/restore data and you have everything setup just the way you had it before the flash.

    Flashing will not remove anything from your sd card. Anything you want to save, can be stored there. You should have all your contacts sync'd via your gmail account. There are apps that will sync your contacts/docs/calendar with Outlook. I personally use gSyncit and am very happy with the app. All of your apps should be ready to re-download from the Market. So, you really don't need to backup. Everything will get back to the way you had it, with minimal effort.

    The real bonus to backing up is that your apps (like angry birds) will return at the level you left them and your sms/mms msgs can be restored.

    Better off with Eclair? Well, that would really be a select few who would agree. I personally love having flash, voice dialing via BT (it works on latest Bonsai and midNIGHT ROMS), a much better text editor, as well as many other improvements. I don't see any disadvantages of having the leak as compared to running stock 2.1 with crappy GPS and all of those other things missing.

    The whole point is, there is a perfectly good fix for the GPS. If that is the only thing stopping you from buying the Epic, buy it, try it. If you hate it, flash it back to stock and return it for the Evo. This was covered in my first post of this thread and it still stands.

    Or, you could wait until the Galaxy S II series comes out. It looks like it is going to be amazing.
  17. scionxa

    scionxa Newbie

    okay here is a question. all you guys who say your GPS is flawless, are you still locked on at 30 meters or 98.4 feet?
    I'm on stock DL18 and i can always get a GPS signal, but the little blue arrow skips around while driving, and my google maps has never said anything less than 30 meters
  18. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    If you look at Buggerritt's graphic in post #8, you see where it says Error (m) with the big 2 above it? That's a lock within 2 meters. Mine right now is locked in at 3 meters.
  19. scionxa

    scionxa Newbie

    My apologies, I overlooked that. Is it possible to get a GPS that accurate on STOCK DL18? or do I need froyo for an accurate GPS?
  20. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    No, it is not possible to fix the GPS on stock DL18. The good news is that Froyo is coming real soon so I wouldn't worry about it very much at this point.
  21. davejos8

    davejos8 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks for all your responses! Just to give you guys an update, I went to the sprint store yesterday and tried the gps...it had huge problems...but I'm glad to hear that it should be cleared up with the froyo update. One thing I did notice however is that the screen black levels were crazy good, but the whites did seem a little dim. Just wondering if you guys have noticed that or if you keep your screen brightness at a high level if it looks alright.

    a few more days till my tmobile contract is up...cant wait to get this phone!
  22. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    I have my screen brightness set on automatic so I never really noticed any dimness. Just a few more days? I'd be at the Sprint store right now ;-)
  23. Stringyquark

    Stringyquark Member

    If you used the browser to test white just know it has its own separate brightness setting. Hit menu, more, then at the bottom of the list. A white screen on full brightness can kill in the morning.

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