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GPS and Pandora in car over headphone jack

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PrimoOptimoso, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Jun 8, 2010

    Jun 8, 2010
    Well, since my car doesn't support A2DP, I have to get music via the headphone jack into my Aux In, while phone calls can go through BT.

    On the way home from a trip this weekend, I put the Evo to task of navigating us home while streaming my Pandora station. Here's how that went:

    - Both applications came through the car speakers with great clarity, with the GMaps nav just a tad quiet even with 'Nav Volume' all the way up.

    - Generally, the phone switched the music out for GPS announcements and then right back to the music, but one time where a lot of GPS directions came through in rapid succession, the music didn't come back and I flipped over to Pandora to find the music had paused. Maybe it was waiting too long to be brought back into focus?

    - If I leave the phone's display on the music instead of the GPS (or, anything that isn't the GPS), the screen will time out and turn off instead of staying on as GPS focus would have done. So that's up to the user if they want the screen to stay on or turn off.

    - Oddity: While I was doing this, I tried to speak a nav search item, but the mic never picked me up... is this because there was a cable plugged in at the headphone jack? That was the only real negative I found.

    - Question: BatteryTime told me while I was doing this that the battery was up at 102 degrees. Yes, it was hot out today (~97 on the highway), but I wonder if the Pandora streaming contributed a lot to the battery heat. I would likely be playing music from SD more often than Pandora if I do this on a regular basis, and I wonder: would that tax the phone and battery less?

    Note: I didn't try a BT call simultaneously while doing GPS and Pandora thru the jack, but if I get a chance I'll make sure that all works too.



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