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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by copiloto, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Jan 5, 2012

    Jan 5, 2012
    We are proud to announce our new Android App: "Gps Protector".
    (Link to Android Market)

    Among the more than 30 functions, it has several innovative and totally new funcionalities (all included in an unique screen)
    -Anti-Sleep function: Our phone will be our best friend while driving, avoiding you get asleep
    -sos-SMS function: in case you suffer an accident, your phone will send a SMS up to 4 numbers, including your position.
    -Safe and Brake distance and time
    -Light on/off: your phone will detect if you should swich on your lights.
    -Resting function: You'll be advertised if driving while estipulated time.
    -Frontal and lateral inclination.

    -Central Display: Shows travel statistical parameters such as average speed, maximum speed, maximum altitude, minimum altitude, departure time, and if happen, also shows 4 Alert functions: speed, height, resting advertisment and alarm function.
    -Number of satellites available (in use)
    -Number of satellites in view (not yet in use)
    -Graphical representation of all satellites with their quality of reception, both available (green) and the view (in gray)
    -Error in the precision of the satellite signal in meters
    -Distance traveled in kilometers.
    -Trip chronometer showing hours, minutes and seconds.
    -Speaker + warning lights, to listen to messages from antisleep function
    -Speed in km/h or miles/h. If we select a speed limit on the menu, then, if exceeding it, that area will blink red and shows visual and acoustic limit alert
    -Altitude, in meters above sea level. Also flash red and visual and acoustic warning limit, if it exceeds the limit set by us in the menu.
    -Clock. Function AM and PM. Flashes red if we drive for more of the time specified by us on the menu.
    -Compass, indicating north by red hand, and indicating the distance in degrees from it.
    -Route recording.
    -Battery level.


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