Help Gps assisted location services and battery


I use the battery control widgets to leave gps off when I'm not using it.when I do plan on using it t hough I want to use the assisted location services.if I turn on the assisted location services but leave gps off will there be any extra battery draining that wouldn't happen ifthe location services was still off?i may just have to turn the services on each time I toggle the gps widget but that is quite inconvenient...


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I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that aGPS is used for when you dial 911 and they need to locate your position as accurately as possible. Regular GPS use is for Google Maps, etc.

Also, WTF is going on with the forums the past few minutes? It seems that I keep losing and regaining connection to them. :( It's not my Internet connection because I don't lose connection to anything else. :S


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The phone uses 3G tower triangulation to locate you with a precision up to a couple of 100'. GPS is only required when a lock is required to a more exact location that can be constantly updated (while moving).


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No need to turn off gps. It is only on when an app is running that is requesting precise GPS. You are just making it take longer to find a signal.