GPS Finally Works Brilliantly.


Wow, I've had 4 replacement SII's (not due to GPS) and on all of them, they never got a GPS lock, really stressed me out.

However day before yesterday I left it to get a lock and it finally got one after about 4 minutes () And then I've been constantly using the GPS and now whenever I load up the navigation I get a lock within a few seconds, always under 10 seconds worst case scenario!

So if you've got a slow GPS. Just bear with it, it seems to get better for some bizarre reason.

Also could anyone confirm something for me.

Can you go into an app that uses a compass/bubble level etc etc something that uses the built in accelerometer and such.

Then open the app and place your phone on the desk and just leave it completely still, does the readings 'wobble' slightly for you guys?

For example if i use the compass in Ulyyse Gizmos, the compass will bounce around from 73-75degress and won't stay still, do you guys get this? Am I expecting too much to get dead pinpoint compass that doesn't bounce around by a couple of degrees?


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I use 3D Compass and Magnetometer by plaincode, I just looked closely today and I do get a tiny bit of wobble, more like rendering turn, but it doesn't stay still as you say.
Can barely notice it visually, but it does flitter between the current and next degrees number, I guess it depends on the phones 'heading' on the table, but it can be quite steady.
Dare I say the earth is moving, so the magnetics of it adjust too.
3D Compass and Magnetometer - Android app on AppBrain


Also, my GPS now has instant lock while indoors (house), no waiting at all, it used to take 2-3 seconds to get dead on.


I have instant lock too, and even indoors. The GPS is amazing and is fast taking over from my regular (Garmin) one.

To OP....Good on you for giving your GPS a chance to lock.


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Quick question...what is that?
Quick code, scan it with a barcode reader and it will give you a link on your phone.

The reason you get a lock quicker now is cos your phone rememberes where you were last time, so as soon as it has a few sats which makes it look like you are in the same place it kinda jumps to a conclusion. Allowing it to get a fix on 3-4 sats instead of needing 7-8 (cos it usually has to figure out height above sea level as well)


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I use appbrain to find things and then if I see something I want I just click install and it gives me the QR barcode, scanning that and searching on appbrain is so much easier and beneficial than trawling through the app market.


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Yeah, that's one thing I've noticed about the app market, it's not very user friendly. I'll give that appbrain thing a try then, thanks for the advice