Help Gps Google maps issues?


Is anyone having an issue finding your location in Google maps? I keep getting the "your current location is temporarily unavailable" message. Before the update I would get fcs on Google maps 5 seconds after I started so I guess this is a step forward.

Anyway, I'm just checking to see if it's everyone or just me. I have both the gps and wifi location on.

Edit: Did a factory reset, nothing changed... I found one other person having this same problem in the xda tf700 forums, I'm currently waiting for a reply back from them. Might have to return it for the 2nd time :(

Edit 2: Ok, so I tethered my infinity to my rooted droids wifi and drove around while running gps test on both. Phone picked the satellites up faster at first but after the first 1/4 mile or so the infinity was up to par. I drove around like this for 4-5 miles in a big loop testing it by going through a town and a hilly heavily wooded area.

This brings me to the next part of the puzzle. Back at home, not so convinced after my drive around, I decided to turn off the gps on my infinity, turn it back on and check again on gmaps. No love once again, even if I walk around my whole house, go upstairs or outside. However, I found that if I turn the gps test on first after turning the gps on the infinity on, maps will find my location right away. I'm beginning to think this is a software problem? idk what it could be... anyone have any ideas?