Nov 20, 2009
Anyone else using the Layar app and notice that the phone defaults to another location when it cannot see GPS? If I'm inside, my phone thinks it's located in Cork, England, not where I am in the middle of the US. Same issue when I use Google maps. I took it to a Sprint store initially when it just wasn't seeing the GPS and they "fixed" it but didn't know how.:rolleyes: I'm pretty sure they just reset the phone and it found the GPS inside the store.
the triangulation of the moment is broken. min usually says im somewhere between europe and russia..and sometimes in singapore...going to 1.6 or 2.0 should fix. but not word on when yet.
i have the same problem. whenever i am inside, even when near a window, i am shown in Kalix Municipality, Sweden instead of sucks

and all of my apps do that...