GPS icon stays on titelbar?



Can anyone confirm that the GPS icon will stay on the notification bar after an app using GPS has been closed?


Carl C

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The GPS Icon will only remain on the Notification bar if an app is open / actively using it :)

Download a free Task manager to kill which app is using it , or navigate to the app using it and keep pressing the Back key until it closes. That should sort it



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Hi Carl,

Thanks for the reply. I'm reading reports in the android dev forum that specifically on the Sprint Hero, this behavior can occur.

If anyone has a geo-aware app, like foursquare (or wants to give it a shot!) that would be awesome. I know it uses gps, and shuts down gps properly (their source code is public). I don't have a hero available, so if someone could just try that it'd be awesome,


Carl C

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I saw somewhere yesterday about in one of the updates from Google their is a fix for this BUG:

* To automatically remove the GPS Notification in the after exiting an application
I can't find it now though , but I know it was their. I don't know if this was directed at the Hero anyway??? If I come across it again , I'll sure post it here
I only have this problem with the new Yelp app. When I leave the app the icon remains. If I start another app that uses GPS and then exit, the icon goes away.


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The new WeatherBug (WeatherHog?) app does this since updating the firmware on my Sprint Hero and updating WeatherBug.

Not sure which one caused it, but I've noticed it too.


I think it's a problem with the update. It doesn't appear that the GPS is running, but the icon blinks away making you think it's running. The log doesn't seem to indicate it's running, anyway.

I tested different settings in my app and couldn't see a pattern of how to get rid of it for all cases.

My response from Yelp when I asked about the GPS icon:

Thanks for the Android app feedback! So we did some research on this
one yesterday. We do keep GPS on for a few seconds after you quit the
app (just in case you go right back into the app), but then we turn it
off. Unfortunately, the Hero has a bug where it will still show the
GPS icon even though GPS is actually off.

Sorry for the confusion! We're going to see if we can work around
this bug in our next app update!