GPS is useless


I have had my Galaxy Note for about 2 months now and while I love it I think the GPS is useless. I live in South Korea and have the LTE version. I am wondering does anyone know if the South Korea version has a different GPS to the international version? I ask because I have used about 6 different running apps and none are accurate. I zigzag everywhere, jump buildings and don't start where I actually started. Out in the open, clear sky, no clouds and the GPS can't find me? Seems to work better in the morning than in the evening. Even the pre-installed Google maps keeps moving my location when I am standing still and is only accurate to 2600meters. At first I thought it was just an app issue but when 6 apps fail to be accurate I am beginning to think it could be a Samsung / Android issue. I had previously used most of the running apps on my Iphone 3GS and it was MUCH more accurate. I am thinking that the Android / Samsung GPS is just not as good as the iPhone. Does anyone have similar issues, is there anything I can do or should I just wait for ICS and hope that fixes it. I am using the latest Gingerbread and I don't want to root my phone. If anyone wants to comment then that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You