GPS Issue gone for the time being


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This is very strange. My captivate had the notrious GPS issue. Now all of a sudden its locking on in my house and locking on in my car and outside without issues. Takes about 20-30 secs for a lock.

I tried it when I first got the phone in the end of july and couldn't get a lock at all when inside and outside it took upwards of 10 mins or so to get a lock.

Pulled it out after work fired up gps status app and it locked within 30 secs. Google maps locked just as quickly as did the other gps aware apps. Maps is dead on with location information.

No idea what may have caused the gps to all of a sudden start working.

I have not done any of the fixes that have been posted on here. I had rooted it before then flashed back to factory with ODIN but after going back to stock I still had the issues.

I have a suggestion for people to try and see if it makes a difference for them it seemed to have worked for me. Fire up GPS Status and let it lock on it. It would take my phone upwards of 5 mins at times. Then fire up google maps while gps status is still running and see how long it takes you to locate yourself. It seemed to improve my lock times in google maps around a min or less.

GPS Status
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Had you rebooted recently when it worked? I find that mine always works great right after a reboot, but later on that same day it's back to sucking.

Also, do you notice that your compass is busted? Tilting the phone left/right or up/down (not spinning in the way that should cause a change) makes the needle jump wildly on mine. Wife's iPhone 3gs compass doesn't do that.