Apr 1, 2010
When the Verizon LG g2 was released, I bought both me and my wife new phones. Her Gps works flawlessly, snaps to an accurate location every time instantly. My Gps takes forever to get a location and it is rarely accurate (sometimes a half mile inacurate). I constantly lose Gps connection when it does work. I have had 2 replacement phones and it still doesn't work. This is really driving me crazy and would appreciate help. I've spoken to LG and they say it's verizons problem and Verizon says it's LGs problem. I've downloaded the Gps status program and reset and redownloaded the new Gps data.

Does she constantly keep wifi on? And do you? Since have had hardware issues with the GPS, crazy 3rd is having the same problems.
Replaced my first unit because of screen brightness fluctuations. So far so good with number two. Out of the box though, GPS and compass didn't work until I ran GPS Toolkit and calibrate axes. Now no problem.

Also make sure the phone is configured to access location information over the cell network.These are AGPS devices and need to access the internet. Also make sure the date time of the phone is set by the network.
That sucks. Screen fluctuations are harsh because of adaptive content backlight(not talking auto brightness). Very apparent over 60%. Noticeable on dark and light web pages. Kernel baked, so no disabling it on stock. It's a great idea, works good, but stock drivers need fixing.

Here's some info explaining the difference, most don't understand it.

Our device is independently capable of GPS, but will not compare to an actual great fast GPS on accuracy and fix time, that's where A-GPS congress into play.
Standalone GPS? Maybe. But I imagine the time to first fix to be incredibly long. OP should see at least three sats in the sky, otherwise a fix is not possible.
Yes, stand alone. Yeah... minutes. 4 satellites for a fix, trilateration. AGPS is still GPS(olden android phones had half ass ones that really did need network). It's just assisted. Being these are "weak" GPS chips(it's a cell phone...), The assistance is needed for speed and accuracy. The lock can't be maintained perfectly like a traditional GPS. That ids why you see fallback lag in no service zones, unless you have Wi-Fi on and are in a location with many, in which case you see stutter. Also, as stef7 mentioned, thou would be amazed what an accurate compass and axis calibration would do door navigation / GPS... Side note, we're you over as the spectrum forums stef? Name just rings a bell. Maybe it's just close to another's.
I'm telling you. I've re calibrated and reset agps data. My phone won't even find a satellite.
Considering your wife's is operating fine without other major changes, as well as others, I'd sadly have to say it is... LG really needs to get their QC under control... maybe you ate getting others refurb problems... you could bite the bullet and wait on them get you a brand spanking new one from lg warranty, or bitch at them for new, not refurb. Has worked for me. Take your wife's in with you, to show them side by side.
Side note, we're you over as the spectrum forums stef? Name just rings a bell. Maybe it's just close to another.

Yes, I had been active in the Spectrum forums. That was a good phone and I liked it very much - but was showing it's age. I was extremely active on LG's own forum site, even when they seemingly tossed all their reps. I enjoyed at least trying to help others. It was a shame LG didn't really support their own site properly.

I see signs of re-design and new functionality on LG's support site, but it seems sort of haphazardly put together... What happened to all their previous content? I don't know, it evidently wasn't valued much. Too bad.

The G2 is an excellent device. Personally, I was a bit weary going with LG because the Spectrum support was so pitifully poor as you probably experienced yourself. Marketing / Advertisement support was poor. Verizon didn't support the device adequately. Updates were promised and delivered extremely late. But, the phone itself was very good.

...Great Hardware / technology... Software and support? Could be and should be so much better.

When I looked around, there was no clear competitor to this device - not by my criteria. Not close at all.

With the push to miniaturization, functionality, complexity, with assembly being done by multiple disparate teams of workers under tough conditions, with parts and sub-assemblies lotted from different sources.... It's sort of crazy the QC is as good as it is for these devices... Could be Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, doesn't matter.

Very sorry to hear of people having GPS lock issues... All I know, my compass didn't even move on device 2, until I did a calibrate of axes...
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I'm lucky to have a great working G2, modded to hell out of my spectrums, zeroed IMEI's, ect. Great phone tbh (spectrum), but lacked OEM support. Completely agreed. My thoughts. Lots of rum tonight. The G2 has been a great all around game step up.