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GPS issues?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Leighton, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Anybody else having GPS issues?

    I've had my Droid X for almost a month now and I've been having what I'd call issues with my GPS. Sometimes it works fine but intermittently it'll struggle to maintain or even acquire a signal. I'm primarily using Google Navigator but I've noticed issues with Tasker/Locale as well.

    The primary problem is sometimes I'll turn on Navigator and it'll take 5-10 minutes, or even up to 30-45 minutes to get a strong enough GPS signal. Then with Tasker/Locale it often fails to update my profile when it's based on location.

    I understand there are a dozen different factors that go into the GPS signal so here's the troubleshooting I've done:
    - I've had the problem while outside in an area where I've received an excellent GPS signal before while standing next to my roommate who's EVO's GPS is working great.
    - I've checked software settings for Navigator/Tasker/Locale and made sure there wasn't any setting I was missing that I could be interpreting as a GPS signal issue.
    - Using an app called GPS Test I've monitored my GPS signal. Sometimes I'll have ~10 satellites with a strength between 20-40 but non will lock on. Other times they'll lock on but bounce between on and off second by second.

    An in-store Verizon tech rep tried to tell me it's a software issue and they won't replace my Droid X but it feels like there's a problem with the GPS radio to me.

    I've had the Droid and the Droid Incredible and I never had this issues with either of them. And as far as I can tell this is far from a common issue with the Droid X.

    So, in your opinion as the amazing and omnipotent Android Forum you've proven to be in the past, is there something I'm missing troubleshooting wise or is my phone defective and I should push for the replacement (I'm within my month so this shouldn't be too hard if needed)?

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