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Feb 10, 2010
My note has had trouble with GPS lately. It takes some time to lock on and then when it does it tells me "GPS Signal Lost" while in route. I use it a lot for work with the Google Nav. and it's a must have. My old Nexus S with Sprint was the worst phone when it came to GPS. I would rarely lock on.

Has anyone had any issues? I thought this phone had two GPS radios? Also I'm in town with good signal and data. I've about had it with anything made by Samsung. I never had any issues like this with any of my HTC phones.

I dont think it's Google Nav because I've never had another phone not work. Plus a co worker had a cheap Cricket Android Phone and his Google Nav worked just fine. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me.
I came from the Captivate (ATT's version of the original Galaxy S) and that thing had a hardware antenna flaw that handicapped the GPS, but since getting my Note, I haven't had any satelitte lock issues at all. I get a 5 second or less lock every time I need the GPS to kick in.

What's more is that I've heard my story retold by other people, so I know I didn't just lucky with my phone.

With that said, you can have a look at this thread here:

What is your GPS [GLONASS] lock time?? +info on GLONASS - Page 3 - xda-developers

No true horror stories, but there are some folks who've reported issues with the GPS not acting the way they'd expect. Might be some fix suggestions in there too, but I didnt' read too far into the thread.

Hope that helps somewhat.

EDIT: I just read from front to back the XDA thread I reference above, and it turns out the few people who were having similar issues to the one you're reporting returned their phones as defective. They got them swapped out and are now getting almost immediate GPS locks like the rest of us.