Root GPS issues?

Anybody having problems with GPS taking forever to lock, even with it being toggled on all day? When I use maps it sometimes takes 3-5+ minutes for the GPS to lock and navigation to start, and if I drive under a tree it loses connection. Maybe it's just me LOL...


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Could be a bad connection to the GPS antenna inside the phone. (Don't try this at home - take it to a shop if you want it checked and done - but the "repair" for that is just to bend the contacts a hair.)

Get GPS Essentials. It'll let you see which sats the phone is seeing (among other things).


I also have problems with the GPS position of the valiant takes from 4-7 minutes is probably problem of Mediatek chipset factory default.


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I could have sworn I posted this yesterday...

Try Entropy Fixer. Its on the play store. Google it so you know what it should do. Kinda complicated in explaination...

My attempt to dumb it down:
Lots o apps use random numbers. Android is bugged. This app tries to fix it.

Might be not good for security. You have to decide if it is worth it.