GPS Navigation in Anroid Phone


Hello Guys
i have been a silent observer of this forum but now i a bit of trouble and need some guidance from you guys about GPS Navigation in Mobile

I am in need of buying a phone
i am not quite into technology and stuff

I need a phone which has built in gps navigation (ie we don't need to connect it to internet/WiFi to use the maps + Navigation )

I am a bit confused !!!!
Plz do suggest some handset which is good in features, not too expensive.

2ndly i was looking at HTC desire. I came to know that its has Gps Navigation But not sure whether it is with or without internet


Android Expert
Typically, most Android phones will come with Google Maps. Google Maps has built-in navigation, but requires a network connection (3G or WiFi) to download the maps. It basically downloads the maps onto your phone as you move. The latest Google Maps does download an area to your phone so that you can use it without network coverage. However, you need to have network coverage to download the map first.

Also, some phones will come with alternative GPS apps. Some of these apps have maps loaded to your phone, so you don't need a network connection to use it. I have an HTC Desire Z. It does come with an alternate GPS app, but I haven't used it as it is not free and the free Google Maps suits my needs.

Most phones have what is called AGPS. Unlike GPS only devices, AGPS uses network information to increase the speed of locking onto your position. In most places in a city, AGPS performs quite well. My phone locks onto my position in a matter of seconds. GPS only devices rely strictly on satellite signals and can take longer to lock onto your position. I am not aware of any phones that do not use AGPS.


The Doctor
The only phones I know of that can navigate completely offline for sure arent Droids. As Droids do need the connection for mapping, if not the GPS fix.