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GPS Not Working on my ACE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alsaket, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. alsaket

    alsaket Lurker
    Thread Starter

    During the development of Location Aware System , my GPS for Samsung Galaxy Ace got a problem. It doesn't work now , when I open any application that requires GPS enabled the GPS keeps blinking only ( like searching the location) .
    Any suggestion to fix this problem ?

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  2. hepekcina

    hepekcina Lurker

    Are u sure that you phone has clear sky visibility ?
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  3. alsaket

    alsaket Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yup. I tried to use it many times outdoor but no benefit.
  4. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Member

    In some places it takes a little longer to acquire the GPS signal; for example, when I was using the Ace in Hong Kong, it took a little less than 30 seconds to find my location. But when I'm in Vancouver, Canada, it takes nearly 10 minutes to locate the signal. I guess keep trying and be patient?
  5. Fiona_Kenneth

    Fiona_Kenneth Lurker

    i have the same problem!!
    i'm only find the problem out after i installed the papago!

    anyone can gv some solution?!
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Install GPS Test and run it under a clear sky. It will see how many satellites your antenna is detecting Samsung phones usually have a pretty weak antenna so it takes time to get GPS fixes in some locations.
  7. mail2msathish

    mail2msathish Lurker

    Hello Friends,

    I bought an ACE 2 weeks back and have been happy with it so far. I tried using Google Maps with GPS and the phone was never able to determine the location with just GPS ON.

    It gives error saying Current Location temporarily unavailable ....

    Also, I tried with GPSTest and it doesn't show any GPS activity/satellites.

    Please suggest me solutions to fix this.

    Sathishkumar M
  8. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    what version on you using? 2.2 or 2.3?
  9. mail2msathish

    mail2msathish Lurker

    I'm using factory installed FROYO still not upgraded to GB.
  10. mail2msathish

    mail2msathish Lurker

    GPS is working fine after I upgraded to GB through Samsung Kies. I had problems during the upgrade process.

    I hard reset the phone and then tried upgrade. It got upgraded fine. Phone performance is much better in GB. :)
  11. jbeale

    jbeale Newbie

    On my Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830L, Android 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD.UBKP7) the GPS is slow to acquire a fix. Even outside in the open it takes several minutes. Using "GPS Test" I see the satellite signals appear one by one after turning the GPS on, up to 11 satellites when outside, and with reasonable signal strength, but they are all greyed out (not in use) until 2-3 minutes pass. After that, it works ok.

    In the "Location and Security" menu I have both "Use wireless networks" and "use GPS satellites" checked, which I thought might enable assisted-GPS. On the other hand, I'm using T-Mobile prepaid with no data plan, just relying on WiFi hotspots for data use, and maybe aGPS works only over 3G/4G data links?

    Anyway, my wife has a HTC MyTouch 3G (also without a data plan) and her GPS acquires a lock in under one minute, under the same circumstances. Do other people see slow GPS startup? Any ideas?
  12. chicao77

    chicao77 Lurker

    I am still having problems to fast lock GPS with accuracy after upgrading to GB.

    I tried to use IGO Myway Nav, Google MAPS NAV and etc. None of both can lock my GPS FAST, and , after locking, still having problems with accuracy.

    Any Idea ?


    Ps.: i had problems with Kies too. In my desktop PC, I think some driver could conflict with the upgrading process in KIES (always locking in the end, I almost have lucky because my phone is not dead). So, I installed KIES on my VAIO notebook and the ugrade work correctly.
  13. chicao77

    chicao77 Lurker

    I am having the same problem. Tried to fix with another FORUM but couldn't insert the same CODE to enter in the phone GPS configuration screen.

    I tried some Nav systems like IGO, NavNgo, Google Nav and etc. but the same issue for all. Slow GPS locking and poor accuracy. Even after upgrading, via KIES for GB 2.3.4.

    I will wait here with you, brother, for any ideas.
  14. mail2msathish

    mail2msathish Lurker


    I downloaded GPS Status app from Android Market. First use this app to get the GPS locked. Then if you open Maps, it locks within seconds.

    Without GPS Status, lock in Maps takes around 10 mins.
    With GPS Status locked(takes 2 mins), lock in Maps takes 2 secs.

    Sathishkumar M
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  15. Dhana4231

    Dhana4231 Lurker

    Hi guys

    I bought the galaxy ace last week . i activated airtel gprs in my mobile and i worked for a day . After a day gprs not working and the message it displays is " data connection problem". The airtel live is connecting through internet option in the mobile but no other websites are opening . please help me to solve the problem .
  16. mail2msathish

    mail2msathish Lurker

    This thread is on GPS not GPRS !

    Anyways, please call up Airtel 121 and get the NOP settings downloaded to your phone again. Apply the settings and you should be all set.

    Otherwise, if that doesn't work, you need to manually configure the Network Settings, 121 can help.
  17. santosh20

    santosh20 Lurker

    I have same problem on my Galaxy ACE with Android version 2.3.4.
    It takes forever to get the gps locaton.
    GPS status app did not help me.
    I contacted Samsung India customer care and they told me no solution as of now, working on it, please call back after a week.

    Please everyone with this issue call SAMSUNG India Customer Contact Center on 30308282 / 1-800-11-0011 (Toll free from BSNL and MTNL) so that they resolve the issue quickly.

  18. pksoya

    pksoya Lurker

    Same Problem, No Solution, I use Google Maps with GPS quite regularly. But now I feel handicapped after the upgrading my ACE to Gingerbread (via Kies). Optimised battery life, was announced as one of the great advantage, its maker Google / Samsung, but now it seems that They achived this by tweeking some application to make them slower.

    I also called Samsung service center to check if they have a fix (Since many are facing the same problem). Samsung washed their hands saying that the update was not realeased for India and that I should not have upgraded in the first place. Upon reminding them, that I had it upgraded via Kies, they said, since Kies is a single common software realeased across the world, they cannot stop users from upgrading their phone.

    It was obvious from the above that Samsung cannot / don't want to tackle the problem.

    There isn't mush help available for ACE either, Which is one more thing which is irritating. I see solutions for all kind of phones except ACE. I will not recommend ACE to anybody, just for this reason.
  19. Stocca

    Stocca Lurker

  20. Stocca

    Stocca Lurker

  21. Stocca

    Stocca Lurker

  22. akshaysworld

    akshaysworld Lurker

    Hey guys, I think my problem is kind of the same. Through wi-fi my location is locked within a few seconds. But using GPS it hasn't updated my location properly as of yet. Gives me a 1000m+ radius and usually shows that I'm in some far away city.
  23. I have an Ace and the GPS thing drove me crazy - it took bloody ages to find the satellites - 5-10 minutes sometimes.

    I run 2.3.3 and have rooted my phone.

    After playing around with other suggestions (like GPS status above) I saw on another forum someone suggested using "fasterfix" (rooted phone required) from the android marketplace.

    This asks you which part of the world you are in and sets the gps.conf file to use 'local' NTP time servers - instead of a default google one that doesnt seem to work most of the time.

    I find now the GPS fix locks in 4-11 seconds every time. It is worth rooting your phone just to fix the GPS issue.

    Worked brilliantly for me!
  24. Fei Mao

    Fei Mao Lurker

    I am happy now. All GPS related Apps are working now.
    Don't know how to delete this post, duplicated with the one below. Sorry.
  25. Fei Mao

    Fei Mao Lurker

    I am happy now. All GPS related Apps are working now.

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