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Gps not working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daz_2000, May 15, 2011.

  1. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So my gps is not working. Done a factory reset and still not working. Not getting a fix using gps status when desire hd next to me does..any suggestions welcome.

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  2. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Anyone? Or shall i take it back to cpw?
  3. ludlum

    ludlum Member

    I notice that the navigation option doesn't work unless connected to the internet.
  4. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    i think you should take it back. :)
  5. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yep. Went to cpw today. They will swap it when they have stock. Hopefully tomorrow.
  6. robhs

    robhs Well-Known Member

    I wondered if we would start seeing GPS complaints.
  7. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah. Im hoping mine is a one off. What worrys me is that important sure it was working and then stopped.
  8. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    unbelievable - tested out the gps at work today, side by side with a desire hd, and it got no gps fix, when hd did.

    Driving down to local cpw to swap (they had 1 in stock) - sitting in traffic, decide to test gps one more time, and gets a fix!

    Bring it home and it is working fine here when yesterday it wasnt! Strange! Hopefully it will stay working now, the last thing I want is a temperamental gps!
  9. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    and now it's not working again!
  10. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    The new one u picked up from cpw?? :-/
  11. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    In many cases users are reporting it takes a while to get a fix, I'm getting this as well.

    Sometimes it takes a minute or so even with 10/11 sats in view, but once you get a fix it stable and works really well.

    Anyway, your not alone with this issue, just throught I'd let you know. :)
  12. shaunydub

    shaunydub Well-Known Member

    Mine is shocking, going places my Desire would get full GPS I get hardly anything on SG2.
    I cycle to work and it loses signal before I get off the drive!!
    I tried Navigation and it took 5 mins to get faint signal and was so off that I had gone over roundabouts before it told me what exit to take!!
    How are these things missed!!
  13. Cyph3r

    Cyph3r Newbie

    Yeah I tried the GPS on mine (aswell as the other 3 I've owned due to replacements) and yeah. The GPS is pretty horrifically bad.
  14. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    hmmmm!!! looks like square one with the gps issues then :-/. might not buy one after all, think im going to wait for nexus 3. I use gps alooooooooooooooot! and on my desire HD is really good :) so no point in going from good to bad, really wanted a dual core phone though lol :(
  15. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    I think it depends on which one you get. Some say it goes away, some say a replacement will fix it, but then some (like above) say that after 3 replacements it still doesn't work. Pot luck??
  16. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have not had mine replaced. It started working on my way to cpw.

    Just tested this morning and got a fix in 15 seconds.
  17. ukmoto

    ukmoto Newbie

    Well well . this is interseting. I'll repost a thread here which I started on another galaxy S2 forum. I'm in the UK btw.

    Anyone else getting this ? I'm on O2 Simplicity tariff. Is the built-in nav flaky ? Last Sunday I went on a trip, satnav locked in and off I went. Within a few miles I had "connection problem" and " data connection lost" and no matter what I did it never came right until I got home. hmmm. Got settings from O2. Worked ok at home when I didn't need it. Went on another trip today and it did it again. Complete waste of time. I'm driving along the main A38 road 4 miles from Plymouth and my 3gs worked fine right beside the SG2. Anyone know if a pucker satnav like co-pilot works ok?

    If this is the best it can do then it's going back.

    edit: my daughter's got an Sg2 also, and alerted me to this. Turn off wifi and try and get on t'internet through 3g, edge or whatever. Will come up with "wifi settings" menu. How do you get it to go online without wifi on ?

    *end of repost*

    Seems to me like the data connection/gps is too flaky to use. Think this handset will be going back tomorrow unless someone comes up with something.
  18. EliC

    EliC Android Enthusiast

    Great another great on paper, DOA phone from samsung...

    Hopefully they get call quality right this time around (noise canceling mic?).
  19. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    I don't think it's as simple as that...some phones do have this problems, but then there are many that don't have the problem/the problem has fixed itself within a few days.

    (Although it is pretty unacceptable that the feature doesn't work in the first place) Anyone know why?
  20. ukmoto

    ukmoto Newbie

    Well, it gets more curious by the hour. About to return the Sg2 tomorrow, so as a last resort I called o2. A real nice chap called Gary looked at my tariff and said that whilst I was on a Simplicity tariff, it was an IPHONE tariff, and as such I had the wrong APN settings. This would cause my Sg2 to intermittently lose data connection - hence my problems. He has reset my tariff and given me the correct APN settings for the phone which should come into force at midnight tonight. Also, after looking at my data usage online at the 02 website it says I have used 225meg of my 500 meg monthly allowance ALREADY ! In 5 days !

    Seems like although I enabled wifi, and telling me I was connected to wifi, I was actually connecting and downloading apps etc via data and not wifi because the APN settings were wrong. Seems strange as the download speeds were blistering - an app downloaded and installed in less than 10 secs?

    So, I'll post back here tomorrow when and if these new settings work. I'll take the car for a test drive in the morning and see if the problem is rectified...................... or not.

    Basically, if this works, then the sg2 may be a keeper. If not..... bye bye. It won't take long to find out... stay tuned folks.

    PS, seems like a lot of SG2's are coming out with either the wrong APN settings or none at all. Please make sure you have the correct ones for your phone/tariff. Fingers crossed.
  21. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    hmmm. look forward to hearing the results :) :)
  22. ukmoto

    ukmoto Newbie

    OK. All fixed and keeping the phone. 3gs has been lent to my daughter ;).

    Here's what happened and what changed my mind. Basically, I've got the phone working as it should in all respects. GPS locks in quickly and is very accurate using Sygic. ( not sure whether to keep that or get co-pilot live, but Sygic is very good indeed). Wifi now syncs at 4-6meg, tested in numerous places with speedtest.net. Data connection issues solved. It really was all very simple - it's the APN settings. You HAVE to have the correct settings. Apparently the phone is designed such that the GPS and wifi won't work correctly without the correct APN settings, it's a Samsung design thing, so I was told.

    After inputting all of the correct settings ( Important- along with the correct tariff), the phone transformed into all it should be. I've had no data errors, no wifi errors and the GPS locks in from cold in 5-10 secs and is super smooth and very accurate. I can post my settings here if anyone is on O2, but the trick is to call your carrier and enter the APN settings over the phone, or go to your local carrier shop and get them there, but make sure ALL fields are fields are filled out, I had a few missing and it wasn't until I went to the local O2 shop that we could fill out the missing details. They had all the settings on their 'puter for the Sg2. That's when everything came right.

    Good luck to anyone having problems, I'll be happy to tell anyone my settings if you're on O2.

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  23. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    Can you (or me quote you ) post this in the tips section - haven't got a GSII (although I want one). But it'd be good to see this phone getting the views it deserves without being discredited for a problem that (isn't really a problem) seeing as it can easily be fixed. :)
  24. ukmoto

    ukmoto Newbie

    Not sure if it's my place to duplicate a thread Daivik, maybe if a mod feels it may help others, then I think it may be better for it to be moved/copied like that. I don't like double-posting on forums.

    I'm glad it may have helped someone though, that's what these forums are great for, and yes, the sg2 really doesn't deserve bad press through no fault of it's own.

    Just bought copilot live for the UK. It looks and feels exactly like the iphone version, in other words..... great.
  25. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is Sygic better then google navigation? If so why? (only if you can be bothered to tell me!) :)

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