Feb 8, 2011
Just need to clear somethings about the GPS function on Aria before deciding to get it.

I understand that there is a built-in GPS antenna on Aria, but it is using the google map apps to run the GPS function that would run on the service provider data. However I wonder if it can just fully ultilize the GPS antenna and not run at data at all because when i travel, i will have to pay tons of money letting it run on data. Hope my question is clear enough

I am considering this over GA A10 depending on the GPS function.

Hope those experts can help me clear some doubts here.
I dont think it is possible but I am not sure. However, I can inform you that it didnt use TOO much data. I used GPS on a 2 hour drive and it was around 2 mb of data or less, I forget, but it wasnt much. I am on a 200mb plan and I have yet to exceed the data cap with Syncing on. What sucks is how much battery life while using GPS. I would advise getting a good car charger.