GPS Problem


When I first got my Droid. The first couple of weeks when I used the Navigation it found everything I said without a problem. I would tell it to Navigate to all kinds of places just to see what it was like and it would find it with no problem. I even would tell it my home address to test it out and see how it would take me home. It was always found my home without a problem and navigate me home.
There was a download/update a week or so ago and since then it can't find anything. I either get a can't find it error or instead of finding Wilmington Rd., it will find Lincoln Rd.(not even close in sounding like each other) or go to the web to find "jobs on Wilmington Rd. or Lincoln Rd. or whatever rd it thinks I said. I can't get it to find anything correctly. I've even had other people try it in case it is my speech. Although I don't know what would have changed in a couple weeks time. It does the same thing.
I know this is in Beta form but what happened as it worked so well just a week or so ago to now it can't find anything? Anyone else having thiis problem?


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i am not having this problem but i would try uninstalling the map program. since the update was from the market it should uninstall and leave the original map program on the phone (thoretically) as you cant remove default apps. hopefully that will bring u back to when it did work. good luck