GPS Problem

I created a profile which turns the GPS on when I open maps and turns it off when I close it, trouble is that this works but Maps can't get a fix on my location whilst if I turn GPS on manually and use Maps it works fine. I read that for the later versions of Tasker, you need root access to enable GPS, but through a separate profile I've been able to enable GPS and get the phone's location texted to me just fine without rooting my phone, so I'm unsure what is wrong here.

Also, I was wondering it it's possible to create a context whereby a set number being typed in the lockscreen triggers a set of tasks? Many thanks!
I'm not sure about your lock screen question, but regarding the GPS- are you confusing the GPS get location function with actually turning on and off your GPS( like you would do through your phones settings).
Google has made it so you can't turn off and on this way unless your rooted. Then with secure settings you could control this