Root gps problems in CM7


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i've read about the issues this phone has with gps but i've also read people saying how they don't have those issues in CM7

well apparently i do and all the fixes i can find are clearly only for stock rom

my gps rarely ever gets a proper fix on my location (in google maps i get the big blue circle of "you're somewhere in this general area) and on the rare occasions when it does get an accurate location it never holds it

anyone have any ideas for getting my gps to not be broken and generally useless?


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I have had a similar problem with GPS on my DHD. While it's not the same as your phone, the following could be worth a look at:

hey guys i found this link for a possible gps fix for you:

it worked out great for me. in my old gps.conf file the default server was in europe but i live in south east asia, and i reconfigured the file with the proper server address based on my location. no wonder it would take ages to get a fix or to hold a strong connection. now i get fixes within seconds holding a strong connection. this was tested outside and in my car while driving.

for those that want to try this out, i strongly recommend using "root explorer" to reconfiger the file. not every file manager can edit or delete the required system file.

I now get a GPS fix pretty quickly, where I didn't before :)


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that fix does nothing... at least the app got my compass calibrated

if only this phone had the gps of my optimus v... that thing picked up and got a location fix from 8 sats in the time it took the captivate to find 1

6 minutes in i got a location fix on 5 sats that lasted a whole second... now it's showing 0/6