Help GPS receiver not working


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My wife's D2 GPS has not worked for a few weeks now. Yesterday I performed some tests.

When using G Maps, it says Waiting for Location almost indefinitely. I reinstalled the G Maps updates. Then I downloaded GPS Status to see if a different app could use the receiver and it had similar problems. After 20 minutes or so, it got a lock onto the satellites but not only did it display our location as several hundred feet off, it didn't track our movements while we were in the car going 60 mph. Apparently, it got a lock, but only momentarily or with very poor reception.

So I have all of the typical forum questions.
1) Has this been reported before for the D2?
2) Is there anything I can do fix this before doing a hard reset?


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My droid x has the same issues. Sad to hear becuase verizon finally decided to switch me over to a droid 2 after countless problems with the x.


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There are GPS issues posted in several device forums here at AF, and with users of more than one carrier reporting problems.