Help GPS slow to pick up a signal

Coming from a G1 and a MyTouch, I noticed that the GPS takes forever and a day to pick a signal compared those HTC phones. I remember that G1's GPS took forever until Cupcake came along, it was a night and day improvement. Any ideas how to improve it other than wait for Samsung to fix it in an update? Thanks


Another thing is if you are indoors it won't pickup your exact location. Coming from an iPhone which could locate anywhere I wonder is it this phone or is it s common problem?


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Yea I've seen it take a long while if you are a) indoors or b) moving very fast like in a car. Warning, at least I noticed it when in a moving car on the highway, it really drained the battery(I think a full bar), but it was cool once it got a lock and I could see the dot along with the directional arrow point which way I was turning. Very cool


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It does not seem like it's using AGPS and just goes straight to the regular GPS chip. On the G1 it wont be precise the first twenty or so seconds but the blue circle will shrink down and keep shrinking til it gets a complete lock. The Behold II just gets an exact lock and doesn't do approximate. At least that's my theory.


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Yea, the Behold GPS is kind of lousy, from what I can tell. Half of the time I'm at my location before it finds a signal. *sigh* 18 more months until I can upgrade.


I completely stopped using the gps because it does not work at all on my BII. Oh well I'm so tired of this phone. I'm waiting for that G2.