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GPS status data fast sampling searched

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by founder, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. founder

    founder Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The application GPS status provides on the screen all the data I need.

    But I would like to have same sampled in 0,1 seconds periods,
    I mean at last 10 times a second.

    The application is to have the driving performance from different electric scooters exactly to compare.

    The GPS tracking software samples not fast enough.

    The 1 second sampling from GPS tracking is good enough to compere the driving performance on mountain streets, but by far not enough for acceleration tests.

    GPS status samples pitch, tilt, acceleration 10 times a second would give a good database for the driving performance.


    For example my new E-Max 90S gives me the feeling, that the motor controller increases the power only in half a second when starting away.

    With such an application, I could proof this feeling with data, or maybe is my feeling wrong.
    For example, at my new test vehicle,

    With this data sampled 10 times a second, it would be possible to compare the driving performance very accurate.

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  2. malcom2073

    malcom2073 Member

    I believe the GPS chip inside the android (As with 90% of all gps chipsets) only updates once per second. You could sample it 10 times per second, but each of the 10 samples would be the same.
  3. founder

    founder Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This does not matter, because the

    pitch, tilt, and acceleration sensors should provide more than 1 time per second valuable data.

    When it comes to acceleration tests, this data are more important than the GPS data.
  4. malcom2073

    malcom2073 Member

    Right... and most datalogging software logs the other sensors (btw, pitch tilt and accelerations are all figured out by the same sensor, a 3 axis accelerometer) at a much faster rate than GPS, and then just log GPS at the normal 1 second interval. The GPS Status app I don't believe is made to be a performance logging application.
  5. founder

    founder Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Could You give me please a name of a software for this or an URL?

    I just tired to Google
    "datalogging software logs android"

    and found on first place this forum thread, nothing useable :thinking:
  6. malcom2073

    malcom2073 Member

    Look into aDyno, DinoDyno!, or Trackaroo
  7. founder

    founder Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, just testing aDyno and DinoDyno,
    Trackaroo not found in market, maybe a typing mistake?
  8. malcom2073

    malcom2073 Member

    Founder: Their app is called trackmaster, google trackaroo it's the first link.
  9. founder

    founder Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I already visited their homepage. There is a link to the market.

    I visited Trackaroo - Welcome

    At the bottom of the page is written

    Where to Buy
    Purchase from the Android Market on your Google Android phone. Search using the keyword Trackmaster.

    Android phone users can click here to go directly to the Android Market on your phone

    Using this link with my Android cell phone brought "nothing found"
  10. malcom2073

    malcom2073 Member

    It's likely it is not compatible with your phone or locale. I wish the market would SAY that rather than just not having it there at all :/

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