GPS won't sync until reboot?


A few days ago, as I left our house, I set my Droid to navigate to my destination and handed it back to one of my children; they enjoy seeing the GPS in action.

Oddly, for ten minutes the GPS failed to sync. I forget the exact message from the Google Navigation app, but it was something like, "Looking for location". The map didn't update with our position. We weren't in a hurry, so I stopped and fired up the "GPS Status" app; it showed a few satellites but no fix for a couple minutes.

I finally powered the Droid off and restarted it. After that seemed to get a fix instantly - certainly no more than a second or two.

Has anyone else run into something like that? It's seemed to work since then...


Android Expert
Yes, definitely. That seems to happen to me all the time.

I use GPS a lot with Foursquare, and I'll get a "There are no venues nearby" when I'm standing at a strip mall. Reboot the phone and suddenly everything appears.
I sometimes have this issue. I use GPS for geocaching, SportyPal, maps, Gowalla, and a few other apps. After a reboot, the phone gets a lock within seconds. BUT sometimes it seems to take ten minutes. Not sure if this is related to the way an app is using the GPS or not, but it is frustrating.