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GPS won't work, still want the Epic?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dietcoke, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. dietcoke

    Thread Starter

    Just a warning for anyone wanting this phone.

    Do you realize that European Galaxy S phones, the TMobile Vibrant, and the ATT Captivate ALL HAVE SERIOUS GPS ISSUES? The problem has been admitted by Samsung but has not been addressed. Samsung has been saying a fix would be ready for months now with the Euro users. Still nothing.

    Highly suggest you remember to RETURN your Epic 4G for another phone within the 14 or 30 day window.

  2. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

  3. rasstar

    rasstar Member

    Does this mean the same will be for Epic? From what I understand CDMA has better GPS technology and there are a few people that were able to use the phone with no GPS problems. Not sure how this works but not a concern for me.
  4. DILands

    DILands Android Expert

    Interesting - I never pit 2+2 together - the 2 phones in the US that haven't been released with Sprint and VZW are both CDMA. DOH
  5. SporkLover

    SporkLover Android Enthusiast

  6. mattism78

    mattism78 Well-Known Member

    Do you realize that there is obviously an issue that keeps getting this phone pushed back. Perhaps it's the GPS and they want it resolved before it's released.
  7. dietcoke

    Thread Starter

    Just easily check out the Captivate or Vibrant forums on here.

    Just look for the hundred page sticky threads of people compalining about the still unresolved GPS issues.

    No, the problem still isn't fixed by the community, most people are returning their phones before the 30 days is up because this is that big of a deal.
  8. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    The epic hasn't even been released yet. Samsung and Sprint are probably trying to get all the bugs worked out before the release. There is no reason at this point to say the epic's gps will not function properly. Dietcoke, I know you're frustrated with your vibrant right now but the epic is a different phone. Before you start telling everyone to get the evo instead of the Epic, make sure you're 100% sure the gps won't work. The phone hasn't even been released yet. Give it a chance!
  9. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    GPS fix doesn't even require a flash or root, a 5 year old could do it.

    @ mattism78

    Or perhaps there was no push back and people just feed into "insider source" hype and get themselves disappointed over nothing more than unofficial rumors. Myself included :)
  10. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Android Enthusiast

    I highly suggest learning to use the search function.;)

  11. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    dietcoke, what is your motivation in all this? Why try to push others to not buy a device that is not even out yet?

    You can say it is all done in good-will, but I doubt it based on how you have worded your previous posts. I view this situation similar to that of the Moment, the GPS was functional, but did so poorly for some. I for one had some problems at first, but subsequent updates seem to have fixed my problems for the most part. I know of some who never had any problems, then there were those who had constant problems. For me, this is not a "everyone run and panic" issue, that you are making it out to be. For all we know, these issues will be, for the most part, resolved in the Epic 4G. It has yet to be released, after all. If it's not then those who feel it is a game changing problem, will return their devices.

    There is no need for you to run in crying wolf, when you yourself heard about the wolf from someone else who claimed to see it. And that guy was blind.
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  12. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    By the way, dietcoke.

    Everyone can read your previous posts. All you have ever done is bashed Samsung and the Galaxy S line. You have never posted anything informative, knowledgable, or helpful in any way. This would lead me to believe you are using double accounts, one is an actual account, this one on the other hand, is used to troll.
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  13. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

  14. dietcoke

    Thread Starter

    Let's stay on topic folks.
    This thread is the biggest blaring warning bell for prospective users.
    The proof is already out there- so unless you have proof this phone is not related to a Vibrant like a Vibrant is not related to a Captivate like a Captivate in not related to the Galaxy S line overseas....and that they all have serious GPS issues.

    Then please go out on a limb and say the Epic WON'T have issues!
    More than likely I know what the heck I'm talking about. :)
  15. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

  16. SporkLover

    SporkLover Android Enthusiast

    Sebastian, I realized this subforum is being trolled by dietcoke, but be serious, is this a real retort? It's a so what statement.

    A new kernel doesn't require full flash either. And you don't have to root either, you can use the Unrevoked method to get to the ClockWork recovery panel.
  17. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    Unevoked = root what exactly do you think Unevoked does?
  18. dietcoke

    Thread Starter

    Do you have a Galaxy S phone?
    Love how you read something on the internet and exclaim "VERY EASILY!! Look there's a fix, haha".

    The "fix" you posted isn't a fix, if you do your homework instead of believing everything you read on the internet:
    Vibrant user forum:
    Captivate user forum:
  19. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    Hello McFly? Stop making ASSumptions, how the hell do you think I got into Galaxy S phones?

  20. dietcoke

    Thread Starter

    Hello, stop freely handing out "quick, simple, easy" fixes (that don't even work). And thinking it's end of discussion.
    For someone that has experience with Galaxy S phones you sure give out bad advice. :eek:

    You can very easily then read the threads of the GPS issues Vibrant and Captivate users have and their responses AFTER they try what you call a very simple, quick, and easy fix!!
    You might also very easily also explain to them the fix and how they should try it like you did here (although they already have), and that all their problems are solved. ;)

    Thank you for confirming there's a major GPS issue with ALL Galaxy S phones with the link you posted. :)
  21. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    Geez man!!!! Cant decide if you are awesome or awful. You just have so much of energy to waste on practically nothing. I read your posts in another thread, then I saw you started this thread, so read it all and then I could not contain myself and I went ahead and read all the posts you have made on this forum... and I can tell that you just have an amazing amount of enthusiasm to trash-talk about GPS issue in Galaxy S lineup. Did you have one too many cups of coffee to make you this hyper? This phone is not even released yet. For all we know, it may inherit the GPS issue of other phones, but there and great chances that it may just not have those issues at all. You have no idea how this phone will turn out, you haven't had this phone in your hand yet, you have read no reviews and all you have to base your "conjecture" upon is the performance of three previous phones from this lineup. Well, next you gonna say "that is pretty big evidence in its own." I will ask "how???"....... This phone is releasing one full month after release of its GSM siblings in US and while the reasons are unknown, it does mean that Sprint and Samsung have one month more to work out the GPS problem in Epic. If Sprint can ask Samsung to add extra hardware features to its Galaxy S version compared to other carriers, Sprint can also force Samsung to work out the bugs before launch for its second 4G phone (btw, I am not saying this has to be the issue for delayed launch).

    Well, I am not gonna talk about other forums out there, and since you mentioned Cap. and Vib forums on here, I went to those respective forums and started counting the threads that are about GPS issues. So, I went on to looking through first 9 pages on Captivate forums, and I found only about 8 threads that talk about this issue and its proposed fixes in those pages (most other threads are still about other issues, but not GPS issues). Then I went to Vibrant forums and looked though its first 7 pages before I got tired looking and I found about 4 threads talking about such issues again. So something must be wrong in my count since you mentioned "most people" are returning the phone, so I went to advanced search on this forum and searched for posts contacting "gps issue" string in captivate+vibrant+galaxy-s forums (searched together) and it returned 192 results only. Unfortunately this forum doesn't let search string as small as "gps" so I don't have exact number on that, but lets assume there are 1000 posts that mention the word "gps" (its about 5 times the number of posts containing string "gps issue" for a healthy guess) and even though I found threads about gps issue fixed or not present at all, lets assume all these 1000 posts are complaining about gps. Now at the time of me writing this post, there are total 25,418 posts combined in Captivate+Vibrant+Galaxy-S forums. So out of ~25,000 posts, 1000 posts complain about gps issue, which is 4% only. If only 4% of the total posts are complaining about gps, where did you get the estimate that "most" people are returning this phone. You said it's that big of a deal, but 4% number seems bit too small to think it like that. Unless you have the official percentage number of how many people returned the phone from A&T and T-Mobile, it will be hard to prove your point. You can say "I read on 100 forums 1000 posts about people returning the phone", but I think Samsung must have sold in access of more than 100,000 galaxy s phones on all carriers by now, and even if you know of 1000 people returning this phone, thats just about 1% of users you know about. No denying number maybe higher in reality, but I am curious about how can you say "most" people are returning their phone. Not to say my numbers are statistically correct, but I still have some factual numbers to base my stand on. Apparently it looks like you didn't do your homework right.

    And please provide the link for "hundred page sticky thread" that you so asked us to look for, since I can't find that thread, at least not on this forum, and if there is not such thread on this forum, it looks like you just like to throw big words in air.

    and not to disrespect you sir, but in one of your another posts, you went on to point out the spelling mistake of user SamsungVibrant and went even to the point of questioning his language skills, and now it is ironic that you yourself are making spelling mistake in word "compalining" in above quoted post. In case if you are feeling bad about me pointing this out at this time, be sure the other poster must have felt bad about your comment too.

    No, you absolutely dont know what you are talking about. You just know something that you are guessing. and it obviously seems like you have a habit to over-extrapolate. I just proved above that you have no numbers, just big words. And what proof are you talking about - all you have is three phones out there which are all gsm based, and no cdma phone is out yet, so who knows how it will perform... All we have at this moment is - a fear that Epic will have said issues, a hope that these said issues will be resolved in time for launch, and lot of frustration that why this is phone not out yet. Unless you have some solid concrete link to show Epic already having the gps problem, stop throwing big words in the air which you seem to have a high affinity for.

    And this thread is actually, if I can use your words, biggest blaring warning bell to prospective internet and forum users to stay clear of empty opinions of people like you who just want to trash-out your inner frustration using secrecy of internet as medium.

    Well, these simple easy fixes are not end of the discussion, but are a big hopeful step towards the permanent fix of the problem which you are crying about in every single one of your post up until now. Even if they work for a small number of people, it still means that the issue is solvable and sooner or later samsung can release a permanent fix. and since you are so wound up for warning people against this phone without considering that little fixes create the possibility of major fix, maybe you should consider how good your own advice "logically" is..

    and common, copying pasting the half same reply in two threads??????? I am pretty sure you haven't run out of your energy of putting this phone down yet, but looks like it was wearing out at the end of the day.

    As you said in one of your replies to another thread that "you are so full of yourself" that you don't even want to think about the position of Samsung and Sprint. Samsung wants to be major player in mobile market and has goal to sell 10M of these phone, Galaxy S device is out in Europe and US and is planned for Canada, China and Brazil already, since Sprint is doing advocacy program for Epic so I can say that Sprint is treating Epic as their major phone, - all this to say that Samsung and Sprint dont have much leeway to mess this up with Epic if they need to succeed at their respective goals, so hopefully sooner or later a gps fix will come out (unless it is a hardware issue). I am not trying to defend Epic here. All I am saying that there is great possibility gps issue will hopefully be resolved soon.

    Before you say that I dont have any galaxy S myself and you had vibrant, let me say that I dont have a galaxy s yet, but my friend does and he doesn't seem to have any issues with his captivate, so that keeps me hopeful of issue-free Epic. What is interesting in your cautionary warning is that you are not even suggesting people to watch out or wait to see if some fix becomes available - you are going straight out and suggesting people, or I should better say leading people to believe, they should return this device without mentioning the positive points of this otherwise powerful beast. What would have been acceptable was if you had said "its a nice device, but be warned that gps issue still possibly will be there, so don't jump right at it and wait it out if gps is important to you." While we "informed" members of this forum won't even pay attention to your suggestion, I hope others will do think about the positives of this device and then weigh the seriousness of the gps issue and high possibility of getting the fix made available before making an "informed" decision about getting this phone or not, which obviously you don't seem to be doing. As for the thread you started to warn people, if they are internet savvy enough to end up on this forum, there are enough threads here already which talk about this issue to help them out, so they will make their decision anyway. If you cant say anything useful, please dont waste your time. But given your past posts, something tells me you gonna try to come back full force. But after all said and done, nothing I said here was personal and was just directed at your attitude of trying to make gps problem look like a single standing "disastrous" issue against otherwise a capable phone without considering full range of possibilities and unnecessarily going and creating threads which seem to be more intended to scare people away rather than inform them.
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  22. SporkLover

    SporkLover Android Enthusiast

    You can just use it to get to the clockwork recovery panel. All of which is very easy click through GUI.

    So first you say its unfixable, then you are proven wrong with a community grown fix (just like you said with the galaxy gps prob) , but to try and stay right you add extra exenuating qualifications when they are non issues?

    Go back to focusing on the gps trolling this sub forum, becAuse there IS a FPS fix, and it is very simple to implement.
  23. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    That's what I've been saying all along pay attention to whom you're quoting and what you're reading.
  24. SporkLover

    SporkLover Android Enthusiast

    I have. After I told you kernel flash was the fix, you didn't let go insinuating that it wasn't easy to do. It really is. There is nothing more to say here.

    Back on Topic....

    In reviewing the problem: YouTube - ‪Samsung Galaxy S GPS Fix‬‎

    It certainly seems awful reminiscent of the GPS issues on the Moment, and it really stinks of the Moment's CDMA lockup issue. Seems that Samsung really has some issues in getting the OS to work with the radio/SOC features. On the Moment the fixes were largely software as well.

    Hopefully it gets sorted before launch!

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