Root Gratuitous 101st post

Chief YYZ

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Feb 13, 2010
Central Illinois
:smokingsomb: Whoo-hoo!!!!!!!
No more "junior!":party:

And I'd dreamt my 101st post would be "I've just hacked into Apple's mainframe and installed an OTA that makes Siri cuss you out every time you ask her a question."

Oh well...

I would like to thank:
Early, Granite, Ocn, Rx, Dusty, and all the others that have made this possible. Dreams do come true.
F it all and F'in' no regrets.:thrasher:
LTEvo FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock on Bitches!

P.S. -- is there a BAC limit on this here site, if so, i's needs to gets banned real quick. :beer:
not sure what i did, but congrats on your post count.........i'm very happy that we have one cool dude contributing here in AF!!!!!!!


is it me or is this emoticon kind of creepy?
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