Great case! Fits the Vibrant

Just wanted to drop a quick note here about a case I recently purchased. I have the Samsung Vibrant and couldn't find anything specifically for it. I wanted something very slim. Below is what I purchased. I received it a few days ago and love it. It's a hard plastic that snaps onto the phone. Also, not that this is a big deal but it also came with a silver "galaxy s" name plate for the back of the case to cover up the gold if you want. Not a big deal but it impressed me that it was included. I'd definitely recommend this case to anyone.

NEW! Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Premium Mesh Case Genuine - eBay (item 110563637842 end time Aug-22-10 00:33:17 PDT)

Any questions about it, feel free to ask. And no, I don't have any affiliation with the seller, lol.


Agreed, got a red one for me and pink one for my wife. There's a long thread over in xda forum talking about this mesh case in great detail.

By far the best case in the market at the moment.


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I use one of those rubber / silicon cases. I saw this one too when I was looking for a case, but I didn’t like it much because of its non symmetric styling. And I’m not a big fan of the silver bezel of the Galaxy S, which the silicon case covers completely. With the plastic one its quite obvious that it is a clip on case, but the silicon one is discreet in comparison.

Plus it gives a better grip and wont easily slide off on smooth surfaces, not sure how a hard plastic case is in terms of grip.


I also bought the gel case from t-mob, seems like I bought a cheap gel case for almost all of my new phones over the years to tie me by until a better case comes along. I'll admit that I'm not much of a gel case fan ... tends to attract dust & does not slide in & out of my jean pocket with ease.

That mesh case is an injection molded hard plastic with perforated holes & soft rubber coating, providing just the right non slipping grip that I want. Plus, esthetically I think it has an elegant clean line to it. I'm always looking for a better case, and I'm sure there'll be better ones popping up soon. But for now this one does the trick for me.

art tatum

i'v been meaning to buy a protection case of some sort for the sgs and this one seem to be on the right side of things.

though one thing seriously bother me.
the top isnt protected properly.
im guessing its becoz of the brazilian version which have an antenna on the top right corner, so they wanted a uniform design to fit all versions.

i'd rather have the corners protected properly.
if not for this design flaw (for none brazilian sgs users) i would probably buy one without hesitation.


im definitely going to be getting this case in red... i think it looks pretty sharp!!! just need to get a good screen protector as well


Looks nice on the photos.

Some questions though:

1. How thick is it?
2. How well does it hold to slippery surfaces?
3. How quick does it gather dust in those small holes and how easy can it be cleaned?

Maybe there is an owner of the case that could do a quick video review and post a link here?


Is this case a silicone type case? It looks kinda rubbery but I wanted something more like a hard plastic that fits into pockets better.

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Just an update. Case is still doing great. Looks and fits just like it did new.

To answer a few of your questions...

It's not very thick at all so it doesn't add much size to the phone.
It's not as "sticky" as the rubber cases but it does provide quite a bit more grip.
Those holes haven't accumulated any dust or anything.
It's pretty hard plastic.

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A few pics...




This case is officially came with galaxy for free in my country father have the red one, very light..and great for prevent slipery..but this will not protect your phone from bump..


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I'm using a dark grey/black transparent type silicon/plastic case. It's quite flexible and I can still see the Samsung label and google logo on the back. it also covers all the corners properly. I was never a fan of cases but this one is excellent. It's very thin, it's perfectly moulded, and my phone is very well protected!
Looks a great bit of kit and I'm especially amazed at the look of the free screen protectors, I'm using the silicon cases at present as they're cheap and effective IMO (and one of them cost me


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...waiting to find something decent in Canada. Shipping typically costs more than the product especially now with the extortion of taxes at the door.