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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by arcticglobal, Dec 6, 2019.

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    PI Network announced 6 Million active Users on June 28th and PI day activities

    Read more:
    Happy Pi2 Day (6/28) to every Pioneer in the world! On this occasion, we’re happy to announce that Pi Network has over 6 Million engaged Pioneers globally, more than half way towards the 10 Million mark.

    As some of our early Pioneers may remember, we celebrate June 28 as Pi2 Day (3.14 multiplied by 2 is 6.28). Part of the reason why we celebrate Pi2 Day is that it coincides with the end of the 2nd quarter of the year, and part is for us to share a community activity together. For example, last year, the community came together to create and vote on Pi slogans.

    This year, we’re celebrating #Pi2gether on social media with a Pi frame. For Pioneers who use Facebook, you can add the Pi frame to your profile pictures here or to your videos/photos through this Facebook Camera frame here, and share the Pi-framed post with #Pi2gether on Facebook. For Pioneers who don’t use Facebook, you can adapt and share this imageon other social media for Pi2 Day 2020.

    We will provide more updates on the project in the following days as part of the celebration of the Pi2 Day and the end of Q2 2020, including Pi Platform and the process for organizing a global online convention along with the community. Let’s Pi2gether!

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    Apply to Speak at Pi Convention

    Two Speaker tracks

    We are looking for speakers from different regions of the Pi community in two tracks: community track and developer track.

    1. Community Track is for speakers to present innovative ideas about how their regional community can be organized so that voices, ideas and talents of the Pioneers in their regions can be surfaced.
    2. Developer Track speakers are to present apps they are building or want to build on Pi, and how their app will integrate Pi to build the larger Pi ecosystem.
    Speaker sessions

    Depending on the language and content in the presentation, all speaker submissions of this application will be considered for two types of sessions:

    1. Global Session: English Speakers with presentation content applicable to the global community will have the opportunity to be considered for addressing the global audience of Pi Network.
    2. Regional Session: Speakers in native languages with presentation content more relevant to the regional community will be considered for the Regional Sessions in the Pi Convention. This is a great way to help highlight community builders & development in each region.
    Speaker Guidelines

    • Speakers must not be self-promotional, but should be educational. Your presentation or talk should focus on an idea, solution, method, approach, analysis or design, rather than a specific brand, name or service. You can demo your product interface and service designs as supporting materials to explain the above. However, the representation or talk must show how such ideas, solutions and designs etc. contribute to the Pi Network ecosystem.
    • Speakers’ presentations are not the channel to submit requests or questions. If you pose a question about Pi Network in your talk, we expect you to present a potential solution to that question during the same talk. Questions and requests can be sent and heard through a different format of participation in the convention, but not through speakers’ presentations.
    • Mention of sponsors or third-party promotions are NOT allowed in talks.
    • Each presentation and talk should be submitted only once. Spamming submissions will not lead to a higher chance of selection.
    Speaking Format

    • Talk length can be between 15 and 45 minutes.
    • Speakers must prepare slides and presentation visuals.
    • Given that it is an online convention, Speakers will present in a video format.
    Application Process

    There are three stages in the application process to be considered as a speaker for the Pi Convention.

    1. First application for Speakers. The Pi Core Team will read applications & invite potential candidates for the next round application.
    2. Second round application. Candidates will be asked more in-depth questions about their presentation & to provide a short demo video submission of it.
    3. Final selected speakers will be contacted and notified.
    If you are interested in speaking at the Pi Convention, please apply HERE.

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    Nicolas announced that PI crossed 7 Million Pioneer on August 7th.
    Mine at a higher rate while you can.
    Mining PI gets harder as the network grow in order to reward earlier contributors and make PI more scarce.
    Do not miss out ! We are still very early.

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    Who's this "Nicolas", of whom you speak? Is he a saint or something?
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    As PI network grows, there has been a recent increase of scams claiming to involve Pi. Remember that Pi is mined for free but currently not for sale. We are not affiliated with anyone or any organization claiming to sell Pi, Pi futures or any derivatives of Pi. All such sales are unauthorized and may lead to your loss of money or personal data. Read more about different types of scams.

    Beware of scams
    Pi is mined for free but currently not for sale. We’re not affiliated with anyone or any organization claiming to sell Pi, Pi futures or any derivatives of Pi. All such sales are unauthorized and may lead to your loss of money or personal data. Pi is currently not on any trading or futures exchanges or traded for other currencies/cryptocurrencies. For any information about Pi, please always use Pi’s official channels: minepi.com, this app, and our official Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram pages that are linked from our app. Based on Pioneers’ reports, below are a few tips on how to avoid a few types of scams.

    How do you avoid these scams?

    Avoid all current unauthorized sales of Pi, Pi futures or derivatives, because either these scams may not have the Pi they claim they do to give you back the promised Pi after you pay them money, or these futures and derivatives will be built on empty assets where nothing is backing their value, thus probably ending up in “pump and dump” situations. Remember it takes time to create and build real value, and the promise of quick money is usually a scam. Because of our policy that all Pi earned through fake accounts or scripting will be burned and the current terms of in-app transfers, many of these scammers who think they own certain amounts of Pi will lose their Pi before the Mainnet due to the behavior prohibited by our policies and terms.

    So there is no other way to increase your mining rate or to get more Pi right now but to mine in-app. Beware of scammers who make false claims that you can get more than what can be earned inside the Pi App. You can mine Pi for free by pushing the mining button in the app everyday, and you get rewarded for securing the network by having up to 5 members in your Security Circle, and growing the network by building up your earning team through invites.

    Please do NOT give out your personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, passwords, Pi username and balances) to any organizations, websites, social media, or messaging apps for any airdrops or potential trading opportunities. Pi is not conducting any airdrops. As mentioned above, any futures or derivatives of Pi may not be backed by anything, hence you are running the risk of privacy and identity theft in this case.

    Any unofficial communities pretending to run paid “Pi KYC” are scams, and you may lose money and potentially have your identity stolen. All Pi KYC processes will only be initiated from this App. You’ll be notified if you’re selected for KYC which is currently free.

    Do not share personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, passwords) inside the Pi App chat rooms or any communication channels where strangers can view. Specifically, you should not be exchanging phone numbers or adding strangers to your Security Circle. You should only add people that you trust to your Security Circle. Remember that you are receiving the security circle reward for making the network more secure. If you are adding untrustworthy people to your Security Circle, this action of yours not only did not contribute to the security of the network, but also may have a negative effect on your ability to make transfers and Pi account recovery in the future.

    The best place to get information about Pi is from inside the app and on our official website http://www.minepi.com. If you have questions, first check out our FAQs and White Paper, and you can also go to our chat rooms where Moderators with an M symbol may be able to answer your questions. Beware of sites that imitate our website or social media pages. The Pi App has links in the side menu to our official social media sites. Take caution with unofficial Pi-related social pages or groups who offer information or services. There are some resources that may be reliable, but there are others who spread false rumors. So, always refer back to the Pi app or website for official news and information.

    Always report suspicious activity

    If you come across a scam or questionable activity, please send an email to support@minepi.com with supporting evidence of the scam. If there are Pioneers trying to buy, sell, or trade Pi in the Pi App chat rooms, this is a violation of our terms of service. If you see this activity, please take a screenshot of the violator’s message and email it to support@minepi.com.

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    At current Phase please read more at official websites:
    * minepi.com/faq
    * minepi.com/white-paper
    * node.minepi.com
    * developers.minepi.com
    * email: support@minepi.com
    * privacy info: socialchain.app/privacy
    or visit my site,
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    Convention Agenda Topics & Round 2 Applications

    Based on the over 17,000 submissions to our round 1 convention speaker application, we drafted the initial Convention Sections and Topics. Preview them below. This is also a request for speakers on specific topics for the convention, i.e. Round 2 Speaker Application.

    Qualified speaker applicants from Round 1 will be invited to fill in the form in a followup email this or early next week that requires video submissions. Video submissions will be a short demo showcasing the speakers’ style of presentation and main talking points. Video submissions will receive greater consideration to present at the convention.

    Here are the initial proposed agenda sections and topics. Certain topics may be added, revised or removed in the final convention agenda. As a reminder from the previous convention announcement, Pi’s first convention will be an online one-day event.

    Convention Agenda Sections:Each section in the agenda will eventually contain multiple topics that include the ones we're seeking speakers from within our community listed in Convention Topics below and other topics that the Core team or extermal speakers will present.

    1.Decentralization and Node

    2.Utility, Platform and Applications

    3.Mining and Mobile application

    4.Ecosystem Development

    5.Community and Governance

    Convention Topics on which we look for Speakers: For the upcoming Pi Convention, we are looking for qualified speakers to host a talk on these proposed topics. The deadline to submit the Round 2 speaker application is August 31st, 2020.

    1.Consensus Algorithms – The speaker can highlight different consensus algorithms such as Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Byzantine Fault tolerance, Federated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Proof of Authority and more. Talks about how to improve or build on federated Byzantine agreement will be especially welcome. Discuss the pros & cons of the various Consensus algorithms.

    2.Usability and Extendibility for Pi Nodes – Shape the future of Nodes. Help present new ideas and concepts to improve and extend the usability & experience of Pi Node software.

    3.Third-Party Applications – We are looking for developers to come share their app and demonstrate how it can be utilized by Pioneers. (Candidates from Round 1 need to submit a video demo). How do we build our developer community?

    4.Discussion: Pros and Cons of Stopping Mobile Mining at 10M, 100M or 1B Network Size – Should we continue or stop mobile mining when the network reaches 10M, 100M, 1B? We will feature representative speakers from the community on both sides of this question.

    5.The Future of Pi Mobile App – What can the Pi mobile application evolve into beyond mining? What internal applications/features do you hope the Core Team will build that can contribute to the utility of Pi?

    6.Proof of Humanness – Propose solutions to prove Pioneers are real human beings, including solutions of KYC.

    7.Community and Governance – What should be the duties of the community committee? What are the selection criteria and selection process for the committee members? Give proposals of how to organize regional local communities.

    8.Industry – How should Pi collaborate with other blockchain projects and traditional businesses? How can Pi better integrate into the existing world of fiat currencies?

    9.Other Talks – Do you have other talks about the Future of Pi? Decentralization? Blockchain? Applications of Pi? etc.? We still have open topics to submit your proposal for talks.

    Apply HERE to speak at the first Pi Convention! The deadline to submit the Round 2 speaker application is August 31st, 2020.

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    PI app was added a new option to report fake accounts or the accounts you created accidentally yourself by using your invitation code.
    You may find it by clicking the team icon on the home page and go to the the Earning Team page.
    This option is not to report miners who stopped mining, they can come back in the future, realizing pi gained value.

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    PI Network is announcing 100,000 free KYC slots open to Pioneers over the next few months. On a daily basis starting today, PI system will automatically select Pioneers based on their past and future potential contributions to Pi, including Node, Platform, community and engagement etc. Read more below

    100,000 Free KYC Slots
    Why do we need KYC?

    The vision of Pi Network is to build an inclusive and most widely-distributed digital currency and economy for all people around the world. The mining mechanism of Pi Network is social-network based and the mining rate halves as the social network size grows by 10X. So Pi has a strict policy of one account per person. This requires a high degree of accuracy to establish that members in the network are genuine human beings, in order to prevent individuals being able to hoard Pi through creating fake accounts unfairly. In addition to various layers of technical solutions to detecting, preventing and excluding fake accounts to enforce the one account per person policy, KYC provides an extra defence to ensure the true humanness of the network. The KYC process of Pi Network does not just fulfill a regulatory checkbox, but is important to guarding Pi’s mining mechanism and the purpose of the project.

    How is the current KYC conducted?

    Current Pi KYC is conducted by a third-party KYC provider. Even though the current required documents in many countries are limited to only passports, such identity verification solutions provide the level of authenticity that we’re looking for right now, while preserving people’s privacy. Member privacy is a guiding principle at Pi Network. Pi Network does not care as much about the content of the data you submit during KYC as the authenticity of your identity (i.e., that you are a real human being and not a bot). Pi Network deeply respects member privacy and aims to minimize intrusions on member privacy while keeping the currency safe. All Pi KYC processes will only be initiated from this App, and you will be notified if you’re selected within this app. Beware of any scams that claim to give Pi KYC opportunities outside of our app.

    We recognize and hear that obtaining passports is difficult for some Pioneers, and we hope to develop a decentralized, reliable, low- to no-cost KYC process customized for the Pi community in the future that does not necessarily require passports. The ultimate goal is to enable every real Pioneer in the network to pass KYC or prove their humanness eventually for the Mainnet. The discussion of the future KYC solution will also potentially be a topic in the upcoming Pi Convention, and we welcome creative ideas from Pioneers.

    What does KYC right now enable Pioneers to do?

    Currently, we mostly use KYC to enable Pioneers to run nodes in the Pi Testnet, be a developer of Pi Apps on our platform, spend Pi in Pi Apps and perform in-app transfers, which are pillars of building Pi’s economic ecosystem. Eventually, every Pi member will need to pass KYC in order to migrate their Pi to the Pi Mainnet.

    KYC does not exempt Pioneers from complying with Pi policies and from prohibited behavior, including selling Pi to exchange with other currencies, selling Pi accounts to others, using any automated scripts in their accounts, and creating fake accounts. Even if a Pioneer passed KYC, the prohibited behavior may cause the KYC’ed account to be frozen, revoked, burnt or banned before the Mainnet. Thus, please do not participate in any prohibited activities. Being a real human following Pi’s policies is the best strategy to secure your Pi.

    What are the selection criteria and process for the 100,000 free KYC slots?

    The selection criteria as previously announced will be meritocratic, based on Pioneer’s previous contributions to Pi including the length of time being a Pioneer, the amount of time and reliability of Nodes, engagement, growing the community, fostering constructive conversations, and future potential contributions including Pi Node and Testnet, Pi Apps Platform, bootstrapping Pi’s peer-to-peer economy and building the ecosystem. The consideration for future potential contribution means there will be both recent and senior Pioneers being selected, but in aggregate the distribution will have more senior Pioneers than Pioneers who recently joined.

    We also take into account the probability of being or associating with fake account creation. We actually also invite to KYC some of these accounts that we suspect to be "fake" or “running automated scripts”, so that we can further study their practices and evaluate them. These accounts will obviously be excluded from transferring their Pi to the Mainnet if we confirm our suspicions.

    We’re also introducing a new KYC selection process where our system automatically selects Pioneers probabilistically based on the above criteria on a daily basis. The selected Pioneers will be notified by a popup prompt inside this app. On the in-app prompt, the Pioneer will be asked to confirm if they have the right identity documents given their country of issuance. If so, they proceed to conduct the KYC in the third-party app. If not, it does not mean they will not be selected again. If someone has been prompted by the system to pass KYC this time, there is a chance they may be selected again for the 100,000 free slots later, but it’s not guaranteed. Falsely claiming to have a certain document not only will lead to a KYC failure right now, but also reduce this person’s chance of being selected in the future to pass it again.

    If someone is selected and has the right documents, they have the next 24 hours to pass the KYC. After 24 hours, if the Pioneer has not used this slot, this free KYC opportunity will roll over to other Pioneers. The reason for the 24 hours period for Pioneers who already confirmed they have the right document is because we want to ensure each day we complete a targeted number of KYCs, having an even allocation of KYC slots each day and avoiding peaks of traffic for us and for our third-party providers.

    All in all, the 100K free KYC is only the beginning of our enrollment of Pioneers for identification verification that enables more Pioneers to build Pi’s decentralized network and bootstrap Pi’s economy, and again, you can always wait for future opportunities and future KYC solutions as mentioned above.

    Why is KYC free for the 100K Pioneers?

    Because it is a relatively small group and the 100K Pioneers will be working to bootstrap our economy and build our Testnet. KYC is costly because it is currently performed by third-party apps that charge on a per KYC check basis. While the Core Team can potentially cover the cost for a small fraction of Pi’s global community, it cannot cover the KYC costs for our millions of current and future Pioneers before we find the low- to no-cost solution. As announced in December 2019, the Core Team will not profit from any of the identity verification processes or KYC solutions. For the large mass of Pioneers, the future KYC will either be at cost for Pioneers (i.e. whatever the third-party KYC provider charges) or a decentralized, low- to no-cost KYC process, customized for the Pi community. Our aspiration is to create a free KYC option. Although we cannot yet promise we will achieve this goal, we can promise that we will try our best.

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    New Node Version v0.3.4

    PI Network is excited to introduce a new version of the Pi Node (v0.3.4), currently available for download or upgrade on node.minepi.com. Unlike previous versions where the switch button in the Node interface only turns on a statistics container that gathers data about different device performance for selection purposes, the same switch button in v0.3.4 now can turn on the container that runs the blockchain for selected candidates.

    Download and accessibility

    This new version allows the Core Team to gradually invite node candidates to start running the blockchain to follow the Testnet. So, we recommend all candidates to upgrade to this latest version v0.3.4. by visiting the Node software. (If you have downloaded it last week when we already published it on our website, there is no need to download it again.) However, the new functionality of turning on and viewing the blockchain will be rolled out gradually to different candidates for technical reasons. This means that after downloading the new version, the majority of candidates will probably see the same interface with the old functionality at first, i.e. turning on the statistics container. Don’t feel discouraged, because even though this version may have the same appearance at the beginning, it carries different substances under the hood. In the following week, more candidates will be able to have the new functionality available, i.e. the switch turning on the blockchain container.

    We’ll initially enable the blockchain container to only Node candidates running (i) Windows 10 Home or Pro that are upgraded to the latest version from Microsoft (version 2004) with WSL 2 and using Docker Desktop, (ii) any macOS version with Docker Desktop. In future versions, we will enable this functionality for more operating systems, and we will try to make the blockchain work on Docker Toolbox. The goal is to enable all Node candidates to be able to turn on the blockchain container to follow the testnet blockchain as it evolves.

    The selection of nodes that can submit transactions will be made in the future when the feature becomes available. In regard to Supernodes, we will make selections later based on statistics gathered in the Selection Stage when Pi Node candidates were running the statistics container and their continued successful participation in the current stage. We’ll also soon make some of such statistics we gathered about the device and its performance available to the device owner in the v0.3.4., e.g. uptime and stability.

    Significance of v0.3.4

    Pi Node v0.3.4 will only allow viewing of the Pi Testnet, but it is significant because it is the first time that Pi Node software runs the blockchain on a larger scale and it initiates the second stage of the Testnet Roadmap – Revision Stage that comprises an iterative process of two activities: scenario testing and consensus algorithm revision. Building on this version, the Core Team can quickly assign simulated data of the network graph and configurations to different Nodes, to more efficiently stress test a wide range of scenarios and states of the network. The data generated from these tests will then feed the revision process of the consensus algorithm. The Revision Stage will presumably be a rather long period during which multiple node versions will be released because it involves not only engineering time but also research breakthroughs. As the consensus algorithm gets improved through simulated data, the Core Team will be able to add more abilities to Nodes and Supernodes than just viewing the testnet, such as validating transactions and participating in the consensus algorithm, progressing towards the third stage – Live Testnet.

    Behind the scenes of v0.3.4

    Over the past few months, we’ve been developing this version of Node that allows Pioneers to run the blockchain through a user-friendly interface. It took quite some time to release this version to all Pioneers because in addition to its development, we also had about 8 iterations of test releases with moderators and voluntary testers before a community release. The purpose of the long test iterations was to discover and fix as many bugs as possible that may be exposed by different devices and operating systems, and save frustration from most Pioneers in a community release. Due to the nature of compatibility issues with diverse devices and operating systems, we still expect some reports of issues when running this version, but hopefully they’re much reduced, thanks to test release iterations. This version also includes more data about the status of the blockchain container in the Node Interface for Pioneers to troubleshoot. For any issues, please consult the community wiki page here or join the Node Applicant chats in the Pi app.

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    I wonder how much you can earn ?!
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    Pi’s official Instagram accounts is pi_network! One way to combat disinformation is following the right account.


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