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Great chance to earn digital money on your phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by arcticglobal, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. arcticglobal

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    Pi Network's Vision: Build the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer economy and online experience, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency Download our app to start earning Pi today https://minepi.com/cakzxd

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  2. arcticglobal

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    Pi Network Kyc Update 2021
    For the KYC cycle, Pi Network demands you download the Yoti application where you can check your administration IDs. Upon endorsement, it will consequently fill your own data in. It’s significant, while you’re actually standing by to get the greeting you can download and set up the Yoti application. In the event that you have effectively set up Yoti, you can finish the KYC confirmation when they welcome you.

    Authors are as of now profiting with the application. They dispatched discretionary video promotions at dispatch to adapt to the dynamic client base. The application additionally has a KYC interaction of gathering identification data. Having a checked crowd through a KYC cycle would build publicizing incomes.

    Pi Network’s pilot KYC released
    The Pi Core Team has fostered a pilot KYC arrangement that will at first enlist 100 Pioneers for each country. These Pioneers have a chance to KYC early and assist with further developing our application’s calculations so our answer can be applied to however many Pioneers as would be prudent before Mainnet. For the time being, we will slowly carry out more KYC spaces for the pilot form than this underlying 100 Pioneers for each country.

    Note that the Core Team is additionally dealing with deciphering this application, later on, so we suggest hanging tight for its full delivery if you can’t peruse English in the application.

    For what reason is KYC Important?
    “Know Your Customer/Client” (KYC) is the cycle that confirms ID to recognize real records from counterfeit ones.

    The vision of Pi Network is to fabricate a comprehensive and the most broadly conveyed advanced money and economy for all Pioneers. The mining instrument of Pi Network is an informal organization based and the mining rate parts as the informal organization size develop by 10X. In this manner, Pi has a severe arrangement of one record for every individual.

    This requires a serious level of exactness to build up that individuals in the organization are certifiable people, keeping people from having the option to store Pi by making counterfeit records unjustifiably. KYC consequently guarantees the genuine humanness of the organization.

    The KYC information we gather is utilized exclusively to check the Pioneer’s personality and to be agreeable with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and against psychological oppression guidelines. We’ve never sold any KYC information and won’t do as such without your assent. Kindly allude to our Privacy Policy for additional subtleties on “KYC information.”

    How does the KYC work?
    Pi Network’s KYC arrangement is being worked through our Pi App Engine as a biological system application. Remember that this arrangement endeavors to make a harmony among exactness and protection, while accomplishing versatility for a huge number of KYC, wide inclusion of different populaces, and openness.

    Our KYC arrangement itself consolidates machine computerization and human confirmation to achieve precise and proficient KYC for everybody. Machine computerization will be liable for picture handling, text extraction, counterfeit ID identification, liveness check, and picture correlation. KYC’ed human verifiers may then need to check for mistakes. The significance of having and further developing the machine mechanization part is twofold: 1) versatility to KYC a great many Pioneers and 2) decreasing the information openness to human verifiers to all the more likely ensure Pioneers’ security. Your interest in the current pilot arrival of the KYC application will assist with further developing our machine mechanization to fulfill these objectives.

    Explicitly to secure individual Pioneers’ protection, individual information — aside from information the machine neglected to peruse — will be appropriately redacted. Human verifiers will see a redacted adaptation of your ID archive, implying that main your photograph and generally speaking look of your ID will be apparent. Verifiers will then, at that point, set up whether your personal ID is a similar kind as you expressed in the information structure and if the individual pictured in your ID is truly you.

    Note that each human verifier should be already KYC’ed and any negligence on their part will prompt their quick expulsion from the KYC application. Each Pioneer’s KYC requires autonomous approval from somewhere around two KYC human verifiers who are arbitrarily chosen from a pool of group laborers from a similar country.

    The KYC application’s code may likewise be distributed as PiOS in the future so local area engineers can assist with adding country-explicit components and archives to add to this venture.
  3. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    A name update appeal feature is available in the app profile for Pioneers who missed the 2-week name update window and still have typos in their names. To ensure the humanness and integrity of the network, Pioneers generally only had a 2-week window to update their names. Now, in case of typos, you can submit an appeal to potentially make corrections. Note that appeals will take time to process.
  4. ScarlettM59

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    Thanks, for the link and other details
  5. arcticglobal

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    Pi has crossed 29 million engaged Pioneers! Mine at a higher rate while you can. Don’t miss out! :)
  6. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    Pi Network just reached its 1,000 day anniversary!!! We're here now because of all the love and support Pioneers have shown us over these last few years. Best wishes Pioneers, and look out for some exciting news in the near future
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  7. arcticglobal

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    An early version of the Pi Mainnet will be released later this month with more details to come over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are releasing mobile-app features with important settings for Mainnet migration such as balance breakdowns and voluntary lockups for mining boosts. These features let you understand the Mainnet migration process and preselect your voluntary lockup setting configuration.
  8. johnhuts1

    johnhuts1 Lurker

    Is it working with VPN?
  9. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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  10. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    MAINNET is (almost) here!!! Read details + new white paper section on the Pi home screen and prepare to transition your Pi to the Mainnet blockchain :)
  11. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    Pi Mainnet is live today, initiating the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet phase. We are also releasing two new sections of the Pi white paper that explain how mining and supply will work in Mainnet. A preview of a new mining simulation is released in the app for your calibration and will take effect later. Until then, existing mining continues. Read more above. Mainnet can be viewed in the Pi Blockexplorer, and your Pi wallet can now show both Testnet and Mainnet balances.
  12. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    PI NETWORK LAUNCHES MAINNET initializing the Enclosed Network period of our Mainnet phase. Two new Pi white paper sections explaining how mining and supply will work in Mainnet have also been released. Read the home screen to learn more about our latest updates :)
  13. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    Tap the “KYC Q/A” button above to read answers to some recent frequently asked questions about KYC. Information released previously about the Mainnet (including roadmap, mining and supply) is still available in the “Mainnet Info” button above.
  14. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    There is a tech and product update for November and December 2021, including ongoing and completed efforts. Tap “Read Blog” on the App home page to check it out! Information released previously about the Enclosed Mainnet (including roadmap, mining and supply) is still available via the “Mainnet Info” button.
  15. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    Tap the link on the home screen today for some of our tech and product updates from the past 2 months!
  16. arcticglobal

    arcticglobal Member
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    instructions to analize status of your node ports:
    Look which container is active at your node. If stellar-dummy is active than all ports from 31400 to 31409 are listening; If consensus is active than just ports 31401, 31402 and 31403 are listening.

    Now when you know what ports are listening you would be able to check where the problem is, there are tree simple steps:

    1. put at your browser
    ....if you get a "OK FROM PORT 31401, it means your software is working (docker is running, stellar-dummy is listening, firewall and antivirus are configured fine and ports at computer are opened).

    2.put on your browser
    YourLocalIP: 31401
    ...If you do not get "OK FROM PORT 31401" than you are trying with wrong local IP ....this same localIP should be set-reserved at router as a destination IP at port forward settings

    You could check same way all ports from 31400 to 31409 ( if stellar-dummy is active)

    3. put on your browser YourPublicIP: 31401
    .. If you get negative response, it means that something with port forwarding is not working and you should check the port forward settings at your router.

    The most users has problems because they incorrectly set up static ipv4 and port forwarding in the router, the easiest way is to look on the internet for instructions for the router you have and how to set static ipv4 address and port forwarding.
    Some routers have a range, in some you have to enter the ports one by one separately.
    Supernode candidate should set that computer never goes to sleep mode.

    If everything looks o.k. then you could use allso web tool "fingerprints port checker" or simmilar to check all of your ports.

    If you are under the NAT or if your ISP is blocking ports then you would not be able to configure port forwarding to your local IP. In that case please call your ISP and resolve problem with them.

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