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Great discount for future Epic users *Students*

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RichieHD, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    StudentRate - Deal / Sprint Samsung Epic 4G StudentRate Member Discount

    If you are new to Sprint or ordering a new line:

    Upto 23% Discount Monthly Recurring Fees
    Waived Activation Fee
    Free Overnight Shipping
    $50.00 Credit to New Accounts/Lines
    $25.00 rebate and a Car Charger or Invisible Shield from StudentRate.

    If you are an already existing Sprint Customer and are qualified for an upgrade:

    Waived upgrade fee
    Upto 23% Discount Monthly Recurring Fees
    Free Overnight Shipping, and
    Free Car Charger.


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  2. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apparently, the jury is out. At first it wasn't required to have attended the RI colleges but now there are talks that it is, in fact, a requirement. As soon as I finish my correspondence with StudentRate, I will update this topic.
  3. dan7532

    dan7532 Newbie

    This is the page you get after you register and click the "click for link" button. It includes your coupon code, which I clipped out of the picture ;). Expiration date for the coupon was Oct 31, 2010. As you can see, it appears the RI students/alumni get a better discount, but others are still eligible. I'll be working with a sprint rep today to see if I qualify. It's annoying how little detail is provided for this discount. I haven't gotten this kind of run-around since I last had a manufacturer's mail-in rebate. Argh.


    Update: My father tells me this won't work with the various discounts he already receives on our family plan, so I'm out :/
  4. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Let me know how it goes and what discount you can pull.
  5. I used the 23%. I think it is an honor system at this point. Even the 15% is an honor system. The definition is so large for the RI discount you can justify it.
  6. texphone

    texphone Newbie

    is there a family plan option or is this just for individuals?
  7. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm just afraid of Sprint finding out none of us live in that tiny little state of RI and taking our discount away.

    EDIT: Are you the same mrpatience thats on StudentRate? I just saw the username in the two tabs I have open! Haha. If you are, what do you think they would do if they found out we didn't go to a school in Rhode Island?
  8. There is a family plan option check out the exclusion on the site.
  9. :):cool:
  10. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just don't want to use the discount and then three months later they take it away.lol
  11. aaz110

    aaz110 Member

    I've had some correspondence with the two moderators managing the deal on that site. I believe the the RI schools are open to the 23% discount and that virtually all other schools get 15% off per month. It does apply to family plans as well. The percent off discount is for the monthly bill before the $10 4g surcharge btw...at least it was that way with their deal on the Evo.

    By the way, RichieHD...you might want to remove your post from the StudentRate forum...the discount is through them, not exactly through Sprint...if you tried talking to Sprint CS about it, they would have no idea what you're talking about. The two people essentially running the deal are also extremely active in that forum...if they see your post before you delete it, then they'll definitely know about it.
  12. I would agree with aaz110, I also got the T-Mobile discount from them (this was a while back). They are pretty tolerant on the forum as long as the information is accurate.
  13. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty interested in this. I'm currently on a regular family data plan with 4 lines. I planning on upgrading to the Epic. My daughter is in college at NYU and I'm wondering what the discount I would get is. Do I have to buy the phone online and what online retailer would I buy it from? Do I get a discount on the phone upgrade or just the plan? How much is the discount?
  14. So far were looking at 350 + 100 fail rebate from sprint what else do you see out there?

    +student rate, 350 - 100 (sprint) MIR - 50 Student rate - 25 rebate = $175 winner so far.
    +sprint, 350 + 100 MIR = $250

    -wirefly nothing
    -best buy, coming soon(gift card?)
    -radio shack, nothing
    -amazon, nothing
  15. Murdermajig

    Murdermajig Newbie

    Its in National deals now. no need to worry not being RI student
  16. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    Can you please provide a link. When I login and go to Epic 4G discount thread at studentrate, it still shows that deal is only for RI students.
  17. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    I still can't see anywhere it says its for all students. It still says "The RI Higher Education Consortium discount is reserved for anyCollege/Student Employees or Alumni of URI, CCRI or RIC. This discountalso applies to any of the College/Student Employees Worcester, MA AreaColleges as well." Can you please refer to a line that says its open for all students now.
  18. Murdermajig

    Murdermajig Newbie

    LOL The only thing for RI students is 23% off discount.
    rest of discount

    everybody else gets a 15% off discount
    Rest of discount
  19. what's so funny? there's nothing clear about the offer giving us your translation. that may be how it's worked in the past but for someone new to studentrate, no need to belittle.
  20. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    Is it a 23% or 15% discount if you're a student that isn't in Rhode Island?
  21. OK, so i've signed up.

    Now what? Do I have to wait until Aug. 31 and order from sprint.com? I'm pretty sure the demand for this thing will be high, so could i order Aug. 30 at like 12 midnight?
  22. How do i preorder through studentrate? I've signed up for student rate, followed the link but do not see where it says preorder.


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