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Great Little War Game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RubiconDude, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. RubiconDude

    RubiconDude Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If you've not seen the massive BecauseWeMay promotion yet, we're proud to announce that our game is one of those featuring. It's therefore slashed to a buck for a week, along with a bunch of other games.

    Technically it's meant to start tomorrow, but due to timezone issues nobody knows when that is, so we're jumping the gun a few hours early (our time)


    Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rubicon.dev.glwg
    Great Little War Game (GLWG) Android, iPad, iPhone, iPad2, Chrome, BlackBerry - YouTube


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  2. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert


    I just picked it up yesterday and played the first level to see. I haven't touched turn-based strategy games in a long time. Looks pretty straight forward, but I'll expect my butt to be kicked in the later levels.

    The opening cracked me up! :D

    I think I'll defenitely be enjoying this game for some time.
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  3. RubiconDude

    RubiconDude Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  4. macr0t0r

    macr0t0r Lurker

    No link? How coy of you! (It's on their Facebook page).

    So, I've enjoyed your game since shortly after you released it, and I'm greatly looking forward to the new version. However, I had a terrifying thought. So, at the risk of being off-topic, I have a request for your awesome game, both "little" and "big":

    Please! Don't force us to grind for the higher difficulty levels!

    Seriously, I had to set your game aside for awhile because playing the campaign with a brain-dead, under-funded enemy was just...well...work. After finally completing the campaign on easy, I found I was finally having far more fun on the Medium difficulty. So, then I tried out the "Booty Call" levels...and you guys slap the training wheels back on me! (Sigh). Fine. I slog through the long-winded levels with the defenseless enemy until I finally unlocked medium level there as well. Now I'm finally enjoying the "whole" game.

    I don't have much free time for games, so it was a bit of a tough decision if it was worth putting in the hours until the game was hard enough to be fun. Even worse: my son lost his saved-game status from an uninstall/re-install. Thankfully, I had rooted his phone, so I installed Titanium Backup to give him my saved game so that he wouldn't have to start from scratch. That should've been completely unnecessary.

    So help me...if you pull that stunt on me with your "big" game, my review will be less than kind. Those of us who are adept at strategy games and familiar with Little War Game do not deserve to have training wheels forced on us. At the very least, please give us Medium. The only games I know that force you to unlock harder levels are those with ads (because they are simply trying to maximize your viewing time). I can't see any reason you would want to do this to your users.

    Nonetheless, awesome game! (Once you get out of Easy).

    - Jim
  5. RubiconDude

    RubiconDude Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Please remember we need to be inclusive to get anywhere.

    However, you can pick the difficulty level from the start this time around.
  6. macr0t0r

    macr0t0r Lurker

    Sweet! I can finally get my butt kicked on day one! I've never been that eager to get the trophies. I prefer an ugly, skin-of-my-teeth, scrape-of-a-victory battle in my strategy games. Of course, that is also why having asynchronous multiplayer is going to be so awesome! No self-respecting human would let me get two engineers within three steps of his barracks without spewing out grunts in quick order. The developers of UniWar have got to be nervous right now.

    Looking forward to it, guys! And thanks for the quick response. It really was my only concern.
    Okay, time to switch my subscription to the "big" thread....

    - Jim
  7. RubiconDude

    RubiconDude Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sounds like you need to be trying the online multiplayer. Bring it on! :)

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