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Great News 3G in Florida!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yaras1979, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi everybody! Great news, i have LG Optimus M (MetroPCS), i am instal 3020.pri + LTE On/Off (free in Android Market: instal EvDO) = 3G WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% in next area: Downtown Miami - South Miami - North Miami - Fort Lauderdale before Commercial Blvd, between Commercial Blvd and Sample Road - not working.
    Today I'm trying in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach!!!


  2. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    You should change the title to "Great News 3G in Miami!!!!".
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  3. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    O sorry you right!!!
  4. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    I don't know how change post name
  5. Lukaslukasm

    Lukaslukasm Member

    Can you please test the speeds of it to see if its capped or not and also write on the evdo zones topic
  6. JD2589

    JD2589 Newbie

    Guys i just confirmed it myself, There is 3G in Miami, I have an HTC Evo, I currently have the 3020 prl and set my preferred network type to HDR, Its uncapped! but i cant receive calls or texts! I need the 3022 prl to be able to use it normally please someone post it!

    Heres a picture of me running a speed test!:
    Click on it to enlarge ;)


    Can someone please upload a link to the 3022 prl! Please!
  7. Lukaslukasm

    Lukaslukasm Member

    :O sucks you cant send or receive calls or textes :/
  8. lns4667

    lns4667 Lurker

    You really just need prl 2022. But the o.p. was right mine works in West palm.
  9. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    West Palm Beach - WORKING PERFECT!!!!! (really fast). Boca Raton - Working Good, Boynton Beach - sometimes working (signal unstable), Pompano Beach - signal unstable. Coral Springs, Parkland - Not Working
  10. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    2022.prl ?????????? what's this???? i know about 3020.prl, if you have 2022.prl can you sending link, man, PLEASE!!!!!
  11. yaras1979

    yaras1979 Member
    Thread Starter

    Location 3G working (lg optimus m) - Downtown Miami - South Miami - North Miami - Fort Lauderdale before Commercial Blvd
  12. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member


    I Hope SW FL is next!

    Cuz over here still nothing.

  13. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member

    You can keep us posted here on the advance of South FL on EVDO bud.

    Thanks for all the good info!

    We need speed tests also on different locations, feel free to upload us with information.
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  14. lns4667

    lns4667 Lurker

    Sorry, I miss typed the number. The new prl is 3022. I have yet to see where someone has
    uploaded the file though.
  15. euklid81

    euklid81 Newbie

    I'm in 33134 and I'm getting 3g with 3020 PRL on my flashed fascinate but only on EVDO mode, I need the 3022 PRL too. I did some speed tests around my job where I get 4 bars, I got ~2100kbps down, 750 up. Inside my house where I get only 1-2 bars I get ~750kbps down, ~150kbs up. I know this isnt as fast as other networks, but I was so used to 1x, this is awesome!
  16. kris0933138

    kris0933138 Well-Known Member

    just got 3G!!!! fast baby got pandora running no problems!!!!! miami fl area Little Haiti!
  17. JD2589

    JD2589 Newbie

    What prl do you have? If its 3022 please upload it please!!
  18. martyn357

    martyn357 Member

    Oh come on people, really? Do a little research and you'll find threads about this going back weeks, don't you look at the forum? I am in central Florida, had 3G for weeks and it sux BIG time why all the excitement?
  19. euklid81

    euklid81 Newbie

    must be in your area only, I'm in the middle of Miami and it's fast. :)
  20. mystifire2

    mystifire2 Well-Known Member

    I just was getting 3g palm beach gardens here
  21. tms592

    tms592 Member

    ok I got the 3022 prl and put it on my phone just did it like 5 mins ago so i'd have to update but so far its no big deal and the 3g doesnt really work (Downtown Miami) its all spotty and stuff.
  22. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member

    im assuming is just a matter of time 'till all the towers are live.

    Patience brother... patience.

    The best is yet to come :) keep us posted!
  23. henalvfa

    henalvfa Member

    Those are extremely good speeds for any EVDO benchmark bro...

    Sprint's EVO i have seen doing mo no more than 1000~ kbps. usually 700~

    i love 3g :)
  24. rootsman

    rootsman Lurker

    Did the manual update to 3022.prl but still stuck on 1X in Kendall and the Turnpike area. I'll see on my way to work if I will get 3G up by Coral Gables later on today.
  25. martyn357

    martyn357 Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well, had it for about 6 weeks now and this is all I can get, even if I go sit under a MetroPCS tower. It is capped, cuts out during downloads then switches back to CDMA. It is unreliable, finicky and crap. I am running Sense ROM with the 3022 PRL before anyone starts. Can't send text while on EVDO or MMS have to switch back to CDMA to do that even with this new all glorious 3022...VERY disappointed. So forgive me if I don't seem too enthusiastic about it.

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