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Great Remote Control to Home PC App (Works Awesome)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by spyder, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have been working for a while on a solid VPN to access my home network, get files, etc. In the process of this I ran across some remote network software, which allowed one to connect to the home network. (See in Forums: Guides under Huawei Ascent, titled "Best way to access Home PC".

    Well I'm still working on the VPN, BUT..I now have a MUCH FASTER/EASIER way to access home.

    For those not familiar, there is a PC program called "TEAM VIEWER" It allows you to help out by remote controlling others pc, etc.

    It is free for individuals, but businesses must pay.

    WELL - NOW TEAM VIEWER HAS AN ANDROID APP. (IT IS NOT ON THE MARKET), when you search the market, what that is is a "Downloader" which should get it for you, but I will provide a direct link below.

    1. Get the PC version of TeamViewer and install.
    TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet ---> Click download at the top ----> select Operating System

    2. Install (I think it's at version 6, but no matter right now).

    3. RUN: Now there are several options and ways to become "Partners" with your device so it remembers you, etc. You can play with that, I'm just going to get you remote connected, just play from there, it's easy (For "Partners" set it up on the PC, then the device and they will remember each other, BUT for now, follow the guide)

    4. GET THE ANDROID APP: http://www.teamviewe...oad/mobile.aspx
    (I downloaded this version and tested it, so you are ok, Don't bother with that downloader on the market, that was from before TeamViewer had a link) ----> INSTALL THE APP

    5. Run TeamViewer on the PC, a small window will appear, you will see 2 textboxes with numbers
    a. YOUR ID

    6. Run the app on the Android, 2 empty text boxes appear asking for those numbers on your PC

    7. Put in the #'s and hit "CONNECT TO PARTNER"

    ** Within Seconds you will see your home PC screen on your Android.
    What is nice that my other guide does not allow: DOUBLE CLICK - just double tap folder, drag around the mouse, you can Right Click (it will explain all these things).

    ** IF you need a file, email it to yourself. (The other guide you had to do that, but it did create a tunnel allowing filesize to not matter, but for the simplicity, this is just as easy).

    Team Viewer even has a file transfer option, but I havn't experimented on the Android Version, to Find it? If you do, post. For now, I say just fire up your email and go.

    Well That's it, here are the links again, just in case:

    FOR THE PC: www.teamview.com (then hit download)
    FOR THE Android: http://www.teamviewe...oad/mobile.aspx

    I put this in "General Discussion" as my last "Guide" would work on many phones, but I have the Ascend, now I figure everybody should benefit. SO, I figured this was the best place??


    All my best, any questions - FEEL FREE to contact me. I do my very best to answer all my emails, PM's I do my very best also.
    Have a good day.

    Spyder5157 (Jeff). (I do recommend posting instead of PM, so all can gain from your question, if you have it somebody else does too.)


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  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    Thanks for posting this detailed explanation. It looks interesting, but don't want to leave my power-hog desktop PC on all day long, every day for the rare occasion that I might want to access something on it. (That's maybe $1/day, $365/year in electricity cost for the few times that I might want to access a file on my PC. It' wear & tear on the PC. It's not very environmentally friendly. And it creates a security hole through which others could gain access to your PC-- though this may be more my paranoia than a proven problem.)

    I'm thinking about using the following free solution to remotely access my PC/Mac files. (It has pros & cons relative to Team Viewer.)
    Windows SkyDrive is a free service that lets you put 25GB of data in the cloud.
    Windows Live Mesh is a free PC program that lets you automatically sync 5GB from your PC/Mac to Windows SkyDrive (and between PCs/Macs through SkyDrive).
    Sorami is a free Android app that lets you access anything on your (25GB) Windows SkyDrive account.

    I haven't tried this yet because I don't have a burning desire to remotely access my PC/Mac files.
  3. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast

    u can also try phone my pc...:)
  4. Crodley

    Crodley Android Enthusiast

    I used to use phonemypc and switched to team viewer because it was much smoother on 3g for me.
  5. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm still fairly convinced that a nice clean VPN special for what we want is the "Real" solution, I've been working on it a while, but run into alot of problems as they expect the client to be a PC....Now using that 1st guide I had allowed access to your lan, but for file sharing you had to email yourself a link and that link "Tunneled" the file to you (Elimination email size restricitons, more secure, etc),

    But I still havn't given up on a nice lightweight VPN, just to grab files, etc. I have an external HD on my LAN, It came with software to access from Western Digital. IT will only access the Photos folder and it $80 A YEAR !!!! Like a friend said, somebody is really proud of their software, I'll admit it's nice, but come on 80 per year license..that's insane.

    I was hoping to use that code and unravel it and open it up, etc...you get the point. NOT take the code, just get an idea what's going on.

    Anyway, sorry I strayed off topic. Just saying this VPN access is still in my pipeline....
    any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

    Take care...Jeff
  6. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    Team Viewer lets you choose whether or not you want to use a VPN.
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  7. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    I loaded Team Viewer on my PCs, my family's PCs, and on my Android phone primarily so that I could do remote tech support for my family. It's really simple to set up and use. You can set it up so that the remote PC either automatically accepts connections from certain password-protected accounts, or so that it requires the remote PC's user to provide a one-session-only password. (It's nice that you can set up the remote PC to automatically accept a connection because when I used to try to help my parents remotely using Windows Messenger/Remote Desktop, I would get frustrated calling them and trying to explain to them how to accept my remote request to control their PC. Now I can just click and drive.) The full (free) version of Team Viewer lets you initiate sessions and gives you full ability to change TeamViewer's settings. The free "TeamViewer Host" version can't initiate sessions (it can only accept sessions). The TeamViewer Host version is good for, say, installing on your parents' PC so that you can do tech support, or for, say, putting on a headless server.

    Uses include:
    1) Remote tech support of a PC or Mac. (You can even enable remote rebooting and then login to Windows after it reboots!!!)
    2) Transferring files between PCs and/or Macs, whether they're on the same local network or on the other side of the world. (And when it comes to networking Macs together with PCs, it's a lot easier than using the networking utilities that are built-into Macs & PCs.)
    3) Remote access to all of your PC's files.
    4) Video and/or voice calls over the Internet. (Remote monitoring of audio & video.)
    5) Remote control of your PC's media player. For example my kitchen PC is wired to (and feeds) audio to my living room stereo and my patio stereo, so I can select songs and control the media player from the patio (using either my latpop or my phone).
    6) Creating a headless server. (You can set up an old PC with TeamViewer and network access, and then remove its monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc, but still easily access it remotely. For example, maybe you want to use an old PC as a server. Or for example, perhaps you have an old PC with an old operating system and some old programs that you might like to use once in a while. You could stash it away somewhere out of the way, turn it on when you need it, and access it.)
    7) Giving remote presentations.
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  8. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Great Post...Thanks for the info, especially some that I wasn't aware of.

    First, I just want to clear somethining up in my head?? When you say full version, you mean the one on the pc, NOT the "Purchased" version. Since I was under the impression that the "Free" and bought version were the same, just free was only for private NOT business use? right?....and the only client version, you mean the one for the phone? right?

    Let me know if I'm off, I'm pretty sure?? I love the idea of stashing away an older pc, then just grabbing access when you like.

    Once of the reasons I'm looking into the VPN's, I have a networked external 1TB drive. Now, with Team View, I can easily access it via the PC, BUT, If I had the VPN I think I could hit it direct.

    I also have a laptop running Ubuntu Linux, I WAS going to use to run the VPN, BUT now, I'm thinking I can flash a Linksys router to do it w/o the PC?? (VERY VERY NEW TO THIS), I have a Netgear now, but a buddy gave me a 'flashable' Linksys, that supposedly runs VPN's?

    I really need to look into it more, Plus I'm having problems getting vpn off the ground just with the UBUNTU machine....figured THEN I would migrate to the router....That way the pc could come with me, vpn would remain intact to hit that external drive, since it has it's own IP.

    Anyway, I guess this is a different topic.

    I will ask however, to merge the topics, you mentioned that TeamViewer Allows use of a VPN? I assume this is after you contact "HomeBase" and then you can jump onto it?

    just the vpn info would be great if you don't mind....Otherwise, THANK YOU FOR THE POST

    I had another thread about remote access using Hamache:


    You just go to www.logmein.com and you have a tunnell to home, BUT, really even though using on Android, it's made for a real PC, to get it to really work, I brought up the "ON SCREEN" keyboard, via remote (start.......Ease of Access (in accessories), THEN, I could use it. Otherwise, the phone did NOT recognize text boxes on the software, and allow you to type into them...Also, to grab a file, you had to use it to email your phone, it sent a link to tunnell the file (now the file didn't go thru the email, so size restrictions didn't matter), but still, it is only a temporary solution. It is a GREAT tool, for PC TO PC though...and a temp solution to the Android. worth checking out though, as when you log it, it shows you all the stuff on your home net and you pick what to connect to, each has a "Code" word....

    Anyway....if you don't mind some vpn info, would love it. In the meantime, take care, and thanks...Jeff

    PS: Good posts please hit thanks, just keeps the Moral up...
  9. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    Right & right. The "full" and the "host" versions are free for personal use. (On the honor system, you have to pay for business use.)

    I do too-- but I guess we're geekier than the average Joe. :) It dawned on me after I started playing with it. It's almost like a KVM switch, except that I can put the server somewhere far away.

    Whoah! You're outgeeking me here! :eek: I've never tried to set up a VPN for my home, neither through a Linux PC nor a re-flashed router. That's hardcore! My experience with VPNs has always been as an employee trying to remotely tunnel into a corporate network. That is to say, (if I may "verbize" an acronym...) I've only ever VPNed into a corporate network. I haven't used the VPN feature of TeamViewer, but if you start the full version of TeamViewer, on the right side (under the Partner ID) you'll see a radio button for "VPN". If you select it and hit "Connect to Partner" it tells you that you have to install their VPN adapter. I haven't bothered to do that, but you might want to give it a try. I'm not sure if it just creates a point-to-point VPN with the remote host or if it lets you create a VPN, or tunnel into a VPN or what. Let us know!

    I'm going to have to look at your Hamachi post and LogMeIn to better understand those options, what you're up to and why, I glanced at them and they seem interesting, but right now it's late and I'm tired so I'm signing out.
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  10. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That is EXACTLY RIGHT...LOL...The Phone is a KVM unknowingly....and a remote control one at at....you might me on to some new invention here? (I would laugh, but if I'm flipping thru Best Buy Ad and see "REMOTE CONTROL KVM Switch system"......Control Multiple Computers in your home from anywhere....Then I would be Pissed....LOL

    Yea, I wish I had the link to give you for your Router, I can't find it, but you put in your router type/name, and it will tell you if it is capable of being FLASHEtD to run the VPN.

    Currently I have a second Laptop, running UBUNTU Linux. I would have never gone out to buy it with the intent, but a friend got a new one and it's a hand-me-down (Still a 2GHz dual core, 4 GB 160GIG HD), so no slouch, ESPECIALLY w/ Linux which would run on a machine powered by a hamster. BUT, ya know MOST company servers run linux (NOW, that is the server version, I COULD get that, BUT...), I just want to get this thing jamming a nice net in the house. I think my problems are b/c I have 2 windows PCs, and that Western Digital External Drive (Which DOES NOT support Linux), that does NOT mean Linux doesn't support them, you can get Linux software, to be able to run/see that drive.

    Anyway, just having problems as it's a learning process too....

    IF YOU NOTICED (SURE YOU DID): Not sure I'm guessing you have CM7 or something on the phone, I forgot to look before starting, but in network settings at the end, there are all the VPN settings, getting the phone set up is cake, it already has the setup programmed in...I THINK?.

    If that is sucessful, when I meant by the router, I'm sorry, jumping around here, I started on that before, Some of these Routers, (Linksys, better ones always do), you can FLASH, and have all the VPN Data in there, and it can basically run the net for you, so you can grab a laptop and take with you, that is my "Ultimate Goal"

    Then, just go to whatever website, and tunnell to home....

    I'm in infancy, but keep in touch, I'm getting better every day, had a few working alpha systems, but never got it to be able to give me access all over as needed, always a wall, I couldn't figure out?

    As far as that other post. That software is REALLY intended to have a PC on the client end, so it's a real slow PIA with the phone, BUT, it made me realize that workaround, that is needed for other remote control options, bringing up that on screen keyboard. (The LogMeIn "Text Boxs", Android just didn't think they were text boxes, so no typeing in them...BUT) Using that Windows, ON SCREEN keyboard, VERY SLOW (Android screen refreshes after each letter), BUT IT DOES WORK, if something critical were left behind....

    As I said, all just temp solutions till I can make a nice light VPN, only meant to log into home, and get files, etc....Not graphics intensive, not remote control (We have that w/ team viewer), so something super easy and light?

    We shall see........


    Keep me posted what's up and what your thoughts are, sure to help...

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