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Greatings for all.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BitGriff, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. BitGriff

    BitGriff Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Greatings for all.

    I'm experienced software developer, with more than 12 years of programming experience.

    Recently, i started blog about various aspect of software development (for Android, in particular).

    I want to share my knowledge to others.

    Best regards,
    Moskvichev Andrey V.

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  2. olbriar


    Hi BitGriff. Welcome to Android Forums. It's great to have you join the community. I hope you enjoy your time here. It's a friendly place with a lot of information. Have fun and again, thanks for joining AF.
  3. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Hello Moskvichev. :hello: Glad to have you here at Android Forums.

    It's always great to have another experienced developer here who's willing to help others. It looks like you'll be a real asset to our community.

    I see that you've found and posted in the app development section, so it looks like you're finding your way around here fine. If there's any way we can be of assistance to you, please let us know - We'd be happy to help.

    Enjoy the forums, and happy posting! :)

    - eyebeam

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