Help Green screen of death?

Patty Boh

Around 530 today I was using my LG G4 and it was fine. I checked it an hour later and noticed it had a green screen that looked like something from DOS. It says...

HW Reset!
DemiGod Crash Handler: HW Reset!

Press key to choose Dload Mode or Reboot.
1. Volume up: dload mode
2 Volume down: Reboot

If you choose Dload mode,
Please do the following action.
1. Dload mode. Please connect USB.
2. Get the ram dump image using QPST configuration

Board info
rev: 1.1 speed.pvs : 3.8 serial:

I didn't drop it or anything weird. Just checked it an hour later and it was doing this. I google searched it but came up with no real fixes. Took it to Verizon and they didn't know anything. Said it might be an app that went bad. If I pull the battery and hold power and volume down I can get into a menu with a few things but none of them do anything except make it reboot back to the green screen.

Is there anyway to fix this or is this thing toast? It's only a year old which is a real bummer.

I know nothing about hacking phones. Everything I've read is way over my head. Help me if you can. Thanks.


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Verizon has a pretty good software update and repair Tool for all their major brands. If you can get it loaded on your PC and can get your phone into download mode it should be able to reflash the firmware for you. Usually when you connect a Verizon phone to your PC you get several pop-ups from Verizon to install software on your pc. One of them is the tool.

Patty Boh

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I hear the chime on my computer when plugging in the USB but nothing really seems to happen. It is not communicating with the computer and nothing pops up.