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Greeting A.O.T.F. family

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mikito1976, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Greeting to all, hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year. Just wanting to introduce myself in this side of the forum. I've been a member of Android Forum for a while participating on the LG Optimus M, LG Esteem and LG Spirit forums. To make things short (not really ) I will tell you guys how I ended up here :D.

    I sold my LG Spirit before Christmas to buy me the Nexus 5 32GB in black, which I bought and got a day before Christmas. While waiting for the Nexus I had to use my old LG Optimus M which after having the Esteem and Spirit it's a super downgrade but I knew I was getting the Nexus so it wasn't that bad of a sacrifice. Then after I opened my awaited Nexus everything got really bad, my Nexus came with three dead pixels and after dealing with Google Customer Service they decided that it was a bad one so they gave me two options.
    1. Keep the phone until the other one arrives but I had to pay $400 which they will put on hold until they received the first phone, then they will stop the hold on my $400.
    2. Send the phone, they inspect the phone, they give me my refund, then I would have to place a new order and wait for the phone to get to me.

    I went with number two since I just got done paying $445 in total and didn't want to put $400 more on hold.

    Now I don't have the Nexus and back to the LG Optimus M. I started getting tire of the whole situation specially after finding that I won't be getting my refund/Nexus until maybe the end of January or the beginning of February. The thought of having to keep using the LG Optimus was consuming my patience so I decided to get a new phone until I get my Nexus. So I looked at the LG F3, LG L9, LG F6 and the Fierce. After reading, watching reviews and comparing features and prices I went with the Fierce which I bought last night. So far, for the $100 that I paid I don't have I single complain, really, not a single one. Hopefully it's stays that way. So I'll be around here from now on. To be continue.... :D

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